The Texas Tech track and field team sits at No. 4 in national standings and up to No. 8 in the USTFCCCA rankings after the 2013 Big 12 Championships in Ames, Iowa.

Several strong performances came out of the championship, including one by senior All-American Bryce Lamb, who competes this season in the long jump and triple jump.

Lamb started out the 2013 indoor season watching his teammates compete from the sidelines.  Lamb started this year late because of a strained hamstring early in the season.

He made his season debut at the Tyson Invitational on Feb. 2 while the rest started in January at the Texas Tech Open.

“It just pushed things back — not too far, but it’s a work in progress.” Lamb said.

Though he experienced the injury during the previous season in which he finished third at the NCAA Indoor Championships, Lamb is competing strong again after his injury from this season.

“I’m feeling fine, it’s not anything that I haven’t kind of been into,” Lamb said about his injury. “Like last year, I had started, I did our second home meet and then I didn’t compete again until nationals. It’s not something I’m not used to going through something like this last year, it helps me not panic. There’s always that anticipation and that antsy-ness you just want to get out there.”

Lamb has been running and jumping since he was a child.  He said he has been at it for a while, first running track when he was five and then jumping when he was eight.  

According to the Big 12 website, during his freshman year he had already made a habit of exceeding the coaches’ expectations when he took a jump of 8.14 meters, setting the Big 12 Indoor meet record and the school record in the long jump. With his elongated experience, he hopes to take it all the way to bring home another win at a national level in his senior year.

“I’m honestly just looking to jump into the top five in the nation in both events and just get out there and make a splash,” Lamb said. “I know I’m highly capable of it. I’m just looking out there to jump up there and let everybody know I’m still out there.”

Lamb said he devotes all of his time and energy to running and jumping.  Being a senior, Lamb does not have much of a distraction with busy schoolwork anymore.  

Lamb said he has just two classes before he earns his bachelor’s in accounting.

With the late start and the big break in last season, Lamb is performing like he never left.  Lamb is ranked third in USTFCCCA triple jump and first in the Big 12 rankings, and is working his way to be higher ranked in the long jump as he stands at seventh in the Big 12 and is unranked in the USTFCCCA.

“Right now I’m standing at the bottom, at my first time doing it this year, I kind of fouled out and didn’t get a mark,” Lamb said, “but it was good work and I saw some things that were good about it and bad. I’m just looking on them and get ready for nationals.”

Lamb said he gives his undivided attention to jumping, and laughed when thinking about if he did not have track in his life.

“Oh, I’d probably be fat,” he said. “But honestly, if I wasn’t running track I’d probably be somewhere playing football.”

Lamb will compete in the national championships beginning March 8 and continuing on to March 9 to have a chance to get his years of effort to pay off yet again.

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