The Texas Tech football team will host open tryouts to students at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at the football training facility.

Dave Raih, who is in charge of the tryouts, said the team is primarily looking for offensive and defensive lineman.

“There’s only five offensive linemen that signed up to try out, out of 115,” he said, “so we are looking for more offensive linemen to come try out.”

The tryout is not for the fall roster, Raih said, but for the team during spring practice.

“Although it’s not for the fall roster, what you’ll end up getting is 15 practices in the spring,” he said. “And essentially, although you’re not on the fall roster, that’s the best resume-building tool you can have to make the fall roster.”

Raih said students should take advantage of the opportunity.

“There’s no better opportunity,” he said, “now you’re in a position meeting room, you’re out there every single day.”

Students interested in trying out must be enrolled in 12 hours at Tech and be within five years of their high school graduation. They also should bring their own equipment and be dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and cleats.

“We had over 100 kids trying out at various positions,” Raih said. “How many we take, it might be 10. And they know that. It’s going to be competitive, and we’re just looking for spots.”

Raih also said interested students should call him today because of the short amount of time before tryouts.

“Time is of the essence because there is paperwork for them to fill out,” he said.

Raih can be reached at (806) 742-4260.

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