RL Bike

Bo Ricks, a junior marketing major from Lubbock, repairs a bike in the bike shop of the Outdoor Pursuit Center on Tuesday.

Bike Tech and the Bike Shop are services offered inside the Outdoor Pursuits Center that help students with bicycle repairs, rentals and any questions they may have, according to the Bike Tech website.

Located inside the OPC, which is by the north entrance of the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center, Bike Tech is open during regular OPC hours.

Bicycle services:

• Free patch kits and tube sealant can be used at Bike Tech to protect tires on a bicycle.

• People can utilize one of the free air stations on campus for their bicycles. The stations are located by the north entrance of the Rec Center, in front of the Student Union Building, in front of Horn/Knapp and on the east side Chitwood/Weymouth.

• If people want to repair their bicycles themselves, they can purchase the required tools at Bike Tech. Available repair items include cable, housing, tube and tube installation.

• If people cannot make repairs themselves, they can utilize the Bike Shop on campus. Also located in the OPC, the Bike Shop is a full-service shop that can fix problems such as tube replacements, chain repairs, tune ups and brake and derailleur adjustments.

For more information on the bicycle services located in the OPC, visit http://www.depts.ttu.edu/recsports/opc/bikeshop.php or http://www.depts.ttu.edu/recsports/opc/biketech.php.

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