On Nov. 19, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, according to AP News. He was charged with killing two men and injuring a third with a semi-automatic rifle in the summer of 2020.

There are many topics being brought up with this situation, such as racial injustices, gun control or the larger issue are hand is the justice system itself. That’s the big picture of it all.

The reason there were protests that got Rittenhouse involved is because of the shootings and killings of black men from white cops. 

Again, there are many problems going on this situation. What was Rittenhouse doing out of state with a AR-15 rifle at a protest meant raise awareness on racist cops?

Supposedly, according to The New York Times, he claims he was there to protect the “business” when in fact there is no record of someone asking him to do so.

The issue is not that Rittenhouse wanted to help citizens during the protest, but who is it he wanted to help? It wasn’t the people that were protesting, obviously, because he would not have brought a gun to show peace.

He definitely felt threatened, which is why he brought a first kit along with a murder weapon. Just in case he didn’t trust the police. 

What people do not seem to understand with this trial is how Rittenhouse was tried. It doesn’t matter who Rittenhouse killed. 

White, Black, or Hispanic, the problem is someone lost their life. This, however, doesn’t desensitize the Black Lives Matter Movement, but if anything amplifies it. 

Rittenhouse’s case only proved to the BLM movement that whole privilege is in fact a real thing. While others would disagree.

Timothy Simpkins, a Black student who shot and injured three people at his high school in Arlington, was charged with $75,000 bail and released from Tarrant County Jail the day after the shooting, according to NBCDFW website. His court case is still pending until next week Dec. 10for a scheduled court date. Rittenhouse had a higher bail of $2 million from Kenosha County Jail, according AP news. 

There an obvious difference between the two people, and the answer is not race in this case. The difference is the damage they caused.

What Simpkins did was not right on any level and he will be tried for his crimes in December; however, Simpkins, fortunately, did not end someone’s life, whether that was the intention or not. Rittenhouse, who brought a AR-15 to a protest, did have those intentions.

What person would think to bring a gun to a protest for people’s lives to not be endangered. The irony of it all is that the Rittenhouse was let go and no consequences were given towards his actions.

That is when it becomes an issue about race. Continuing on the comparisons of people who have self defended themselves and ended up with actual consequences given by the justice system.

Back in May 2020, during the heat of the BLM protests, Tia Pugh was accused and charged for criminal mischief for smashing a police cars window, according to MyNBC15 news. I agree, and even her attorneys do not deny that she did in fact smash the window. Whether it was to incite a riot or not, it’s her charge of five years in federal prison for the action that is unfair, while Rittenhouse walks free for homicide.

The problem is with the system; however, it can be said that system works just fine because it was not meant to benefit minorities. That is true and can be dated back to even Texas history with programs such as convict leasing.

One would be naïve to think the justice system has no race issues. Explain why minorities are afraid of the people that are supposed to protect us. Explain why minorities are afraid of people that support the police, like Kyle Rittenhouse.

There is a pattern and something needs to break that pattern. Although, if true justice was served for all, then the majority would not be happy. They would not be happy because then it would be a reflection of the how the justice system treats minorities unfairly.

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Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t acquire the gun illegally, his friends and father live in Kenosha. He didn’t murder people, he shot them in self defense. If he was keen on killing people then there wouldn’t have been 22 bullets left in his magazine.

Simpkins may not have killed anyone but he showed up there with intent to kill, just because he failed at killing people doesn’t mean his bail should be set lower. Simpkin also didn’t shoot people in self defense.

You were so close to understanding this entire ordeal yet so far away. I urge you to watch the entire trial as well as the full unedited footage of Kenosha.

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