With a current surge in COVID-19 cases and the introduction of new variants Delta and Omicron, the spread of COVID-19 finds itself as a common worry among people. As of 2021, multiple vaccines have been created to combat the virus. In further development, the vaccine has been approved for everyone five years of age and older.

The COVID-19 pandemic, seeing light in 2019,  still holds many mysterious effects of the virus. The unknown long-term effects on contracting COVID-19 pose a serious threat to the health of those previously and currently infected.

The idea of a life-saving vaccine should bring relief, however to many, the vaccine holds skepticism.

Under the Biden administration, vaccine mandates are being pushed to help protect U.S. citizens from the virus. Even more so, certain businesses require employees to be vaccinated in response to staff shortages as workers call in sick or positive for COVID-19.

Many countries, including the United States require proof of vaccination for travel. Moreover, some foreign countries are seeing strict vaccine mandates and lockdowns implemented by their official governments. The U.S. is among the countries with the highest number of cases, Texas being among the highest cases statewide.

When evaluating opposition surrounding the vaccine, many question its effectiveness. No vaccine is 100%, however, the COVID-19 vaccine shows effectiveness in lessening the chance of hospitalization and even death.

In an article published by The Conversation, author Dr. Nicholas Johnson of emergency medicine and critical care at Haborview Medical Center states that over 95 percent of COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated. This has also been claimed by other doctors online as well. Although vaccinated patients can get the virus, they are less likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated individuals.

The requirement of vaccines is not a new occurrence in education. Each state in the U.S. decides mandated vaccines for enrollment in childcare facilities and schools. Though not mandated federally, the implementation for vaccines such as the HPV and chickenpox vaccines are seen as necessary for educational and safety purposes.

On  Jan. 5,  Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec and Provost Ronald Hendrick released a COVID-19 update regarding spring semester. The statement addresses the opportunity to offer in-person, hybrid, or online classes based on instructor choice. Furthermore, additional testing and vaccination sites will be available.

Along with this, the Texas Tech Office of Communications & Marketing strongly recommends all employees to be vaccinated, seen on their website page concerning COVID-19.

Following this recommendation, Tech should focus on implementing vaccine mandates for eligible students and faculty. The importance of health and safety outweighs skepticism and false narrative surrounding the vaccine.

The start of a new semester is a clear breeding ground for the virus to spread, which can be opposed by the increase of vaccinated people at Tech. Protecting students and faculty from hospitalization or death can be done by vaccine mandates through Tech.

The chance of education should be done without fear of illness. Mandating the vaccine will allow students and faculty to exist at Tech in peace, alleviating the stress of getting sick.

In today’s pandemic world, taking the necessary precautions through vaccines and safety measures to help oneself and those around is vital in keeping a healthy world.

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There is no reason for a mandate. This is not to downplay the efficacy of the vaccine. Instead, I believe you try and substitute the efficacy of the vaccine and use that as an argument that it should be mandated when I don’t believe you’ve made a strong enough case for there to be a mandate in the first place. The vaccine being safe and effective should not matter whether it should be put upon on another person whether or not they should be forced to get it. Vaccines are there to protect YOU as an individual not to protect the collective. If the point is to slow the spread, then that will most certainly be a losing battle seeing as everyone will eventually get covid, soon if not already. Seeing as Omicron is 2.5 – 3.5 more transmissible among the VACCINATED, the vaccine does not protect against transmission, but the vaccine does dramatically affect the rates of hospitalization and death. but we must also remember those are more often than not, age striated numbers. More than two-thirds (69%) of breakthrough COVID-19 hospitalizations have occurred among people ages 65 and older, who are more likely than younger age groups to have gotten vaccinated while 10% occurred among vaccinated younger adults. Unvaccinated individuals do face a higher chance of hospitalization, but that as well varies with age striations for the most part. What we can do instead of forcing a vaccine to attend a school, is come to the conclusion that we must protect older individuals and generally speaking acknowledge that forcing someone to do something that they do not want to do to protect you, when you have the same means of protecting yourself seems counter intuitive. As for other types of vaccine mandates, chickenpox can be hard, (believe me, I’ve had it) but you can still, rarely pass chickenpox if you’re vaccinated. It is significantly more effective than the current Covid vaccine at preventing transmission, while the HPV vaccine is similarly much more significant at prevention, with HPV infections and cervical precancers rates dropping nearly 80%. Summed up the current vaccine (is very effective at preventing H&D NOT transmission) but should not be mandated on a college that is roughly 88% within the 20-29 age group, the least likely group to get hospitalized and die aside from children. It should be up to each student whether or not to make that medical decision with the facts being as clear as possible, not forced to vaccinate. Also to not lose their hard work by not attending the school that has forced a medical procedure on them. Ultimately vaccine mandates wont help or be productive at all, instead what we need is free dialogue where people have a say in what they get to do, especially when they will inevitably become infected with a virus that may or may not be harmful to them based on family history, pre-existing conditions, age, and other health factors. Instead just go to a doctor and talk to them rather than forcing a vaccine on a populous that may not even accept the premise of a MANDATE.


This article is embarrassing to TTU journalism, Stick to writing about kittens

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