The 2020 American presidential election nears with every day, and with political divides running deeply through America at the moment, this may be the most contentious election in recent history. Republican incumbent Donald Trump will be seeking re-election as president, while former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be seeking to be the first candidate to defeat an incumbent since the 1992 election.

With the divisiveness of American politics right now, I know many students and people my age often wish to or actually do check out of politics entirely, and while I fully understand how exhausting politics can be, it is vitally important to American democracy that we all play our part in our government and its elections. To that point, I am encouraging that above all else, what you should take away from reading this is to vote in every election you can. 

It doesn’t matter who it is you vote for; the importance of using your voice to vote cannot be overstated. According to the United States Census Bureau, in the 2016 presidential election, only 61.8 percent of the eligible American population cast a vote, and just 46.1 percent of those aged 18-29 voted, the lowest of any age group. 

You, me, our peers; we tend to not have our voices heard nearly as much in American politics because we simply do not turn out and vote. We need to change that.

Checking out of politics is almost entirely impossible anyways, and it is certainly something that I would advise against. Like it or not, the decisions of American politicians affect every aspect of all of our daily lives, although some of us more than others certainly. 

We must stay involved in the politics so that we do not lose the values of our nation and our community, so we can keep our elected officials in check, and so we can ensure that no disadvantaged groups in America are ever taken advantage of or discriminated against by law. 

 The Texas Tech Student Democrats will be endorsing Biden for president in 2020, as it is our belief that Biden will be more decisive and effective in helping America through current crises and preparing us for future ones that will face our nation. 

Biden plans to enact climate change legislation on day one of his presidency, legislation that will go further than any that was created during the Obama administration in terms of establishing milestone targets, making historic investments in clean energy and incentivizing the development of renewable energy and jobs to create and maintain that energy. 

As a looming and disastrous issue that has been ignored for too long, Biden’s plan for U.S. combat of climate change is essential to our future. 

But while Biden is looking to the future, he is also keeping a focus on current issues in America. Biden understands we must reign in the spread of COVID-19 throughout our country, and he is prepared to do what must be done to combat this pandemic. 

This includes widening the availability of free testing nationwide, the full focus on and development of a vaccine and the establishment of a permanent, organized and well-funded pandemic response team that will allow the deployment of rapid testing capabilities and increased biomedical research. It is important we continue to do our part to eradicate COVID-19 and ensure that a disease like this never again takes hundreds of thousands of American lives.

These are certainly not all the issues, but they are some of the biggest ones facing Americans today. If you want a full breakdown of Biden’s campaign promises, I encourage you to visit his website and read about the issues you care about directly from there.

 I would also encourage you to visit the Trump campaign site to see his promises on these and other issues, as it is important to be informed about the plans of every candidate in an election. Remember to stay informed on the candidates and their policies, and remember to vote on Nov. 3 as well as in future elections. 

Only together can we make our voices heard. 

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