As October is here, the upcoming holidays fill up our calendars. Cozy blankets, extravagant decorations and food galore are all telltale signs of these anticipated celebrations, bringing an aura of excitement for many students.

However, for some, the holidays may serve as a somber reminder of being away from home. Homesickness is an overwhelming feeling of longing for the comfort that home brings, the feeling of safety is one that is hard to find being far away from that known security.

Being away from home for the first time is an experience that holds many emotions. Although the opportunity to be independent is a vital part of growing up, it is not always an easy adjustment.

Making new friends is a fun part of college, and getting to explore the adventures of student life is always easier with others. Nevertheless, the absence of familiar faces can be hard on students journeying through school by themselves.

For many, the feeling of loneliness can affect one’s mental health by a flurry of negative emotions. Moreover, the holidays are a sensitive time for those that may not be used to celebrating.

It is important to acknowledge that not everyone enjoys the festivities or believes in certain holidays. These gloomy emotions can be avoided through the participation of college campuses in the guidance of their students’ well-being.

Texas Tech should accommodate for this time of homesickness. Spreading holiday cheer on campus is a fun way to uplift spirits.

On-campus holiday events unite the student body in celebration, generating a joyful and unified experience. Even more so, celebrating all holidays satisfies students of different cultures and backgrounds.

Furthermore, universities should focus on reaching out to students who will not be returning home for the holiday breaks. Although some people do not celebrate these holidays, keeping these students included creates a comfortable environment.

Holiday breaks serve as a period of rest from the stress of school. This time is necessary to allow students to recharge before returning to their studies.

In addition, college campuses should increase the number of holiday breaks, giving students more leniency from the pressures of school. More breaks allow students to ease their tensions from their school workload.

An extension of holiday breaks helps students reconnect with their home lives; seeing family and friends after a long time can alleviate the strain of student life.

The extra time given to spend with loved ones is significant in increasing the happiness for students. Tech should prioritize students’ connection to home, for this strong bond is an important part of student lives.

Whether home is near or far, feeling homesick is a normal emotion to have when starting college in a new environment. College campuses should make it their main goal to make students feel seen and included during the holidays.

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