The past couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of news and events coming from both Texas Tech and from the State of Texas. This week, the Red Raider family and the Lubbock community received news of COVID-19 now affecting the City of Lubbock. The bubble that once protected our city has been popped, but we are prepared for it.

The actions of Tech's Administration and The City of Lubbock gave the community the crucial time needed to protect itself. We can see how much the University cares for students, faculty and staff on every campus by the preventative measures that have been implemented. For more information see

The university and city have implemented social distancing, limiting the number of people gathering. Tech also just recently had all non-essential personnel work from home and ramped up sanitation of offices and common areas around campus.

For some of us students, this is just merely a minor setback in our college career. For students graduating, I am sorry for the events that have unfolded and how they are affecting your last semester at Tech. I can’t speak for everyone, but my heart goes out to you. What I know is that the Red Raider Family will always be there for you. You are now and forever will be a part of the Red Raider Family.

For those of us still in Lubbock, a somber mood has filled the air. Seeing the once vibrant life of campus life coming to an unforeseen halt has made campus an eerie place. From the once-busy restaurants and bars on University and Broadway to the once-crowded library, Lubbock is not the same. It is a change that is for the good of the community, but it is a change, nonetheless. Lubbock and Tech communities entwine so much that it’s a bit weird to see one half of the community gone.

I sincerely urge everyone to practice good hygiene. We are all part of the solution. I don’t think anyone can stress this enough but please listen to local and national health authorities. They have only good intentions to help us get through this. Please think of your safety and other people’s safety when going outside. See

This is just a hurdle that the Red Raider family and the Lubbock Community will overcome. I have lived in Lubbock my whole life, and I have seen the spirit of west Texas. The spirit that unites us all. The spirit that is full of hospitality and caring for others. The spirit that will bind us together to get us through this trial and make us stronger than ever before. This spirit doesn’t only live inside West Texans but also inside each Red Raider that has called or does call Tech home.

Soon this will be over, and Tech will be here waiting for you. With open arms, Tech will welcome you home and help you succeed, not only in college but also in life. As always, stand united under the Double T and sing the Matador song with pride. Strive for honor evermore, long live the Matadors.

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