Texas Tech fans, I’ve never been more simultaneously proud and ashamed of you.

I’m proud because we rocked Jones AT&T Stadium. Texas Christian made a lot of mistakes on the field and I’m certain that more than a few were a direct result of the deafening cheers that pervaded our stadium.

I’m ashamed because people still think it’s cool to butcher our fight song with profanity because someone thought it was cool to tear apart our own stadium; because someone thought it would be funny to throw things onto the field at the opposing team. Most of all, however, I’m ashamed that fans of the opposing team actually feared for the safety of their children because of how rude and violent Tech “fans” were.

It’s a football game. Read that again. A game.

Yeah, I know it can get rowdy. I was a little pumped up, too. I “politely informed” the refs what I thought of their officiating, helpfully “suggested” to a few Horned Frogs that they practice a bit more because they weren’t performing well and, perhaps worst of all, was caught doing the Cupid Shuffle on Raidervision.

Let me tell you what I didn’t do.

I did not act openly hostile toward anyone in purple. They were just people who simply wanted to travel to Lubbock to see their team play. I did not threaten nearby Horned Frogs, I did not try to pick a fight, and I did not abuse another person because they weren’t cheering for the same team I was.

Lubbock is a wonderful town and there’s simply no place in the world like the Jones, but I guarantee every Horned Frog in attendance Thursday will never want to come here again because of the way they were treated and that’s pathetic. There’s no reason for anyone visiting the Jones to feel threatened or unsafe and it’s absolutely abhorrent my cousin was afraid of her elementary school-aged son being hurt by fighting, abusive and disrespectful fans.

Get it together, Raiderland. You can be a good, respectful fan base and still rock the Jones. You can get loud on a third down without tearing up a bleacher. You can celebrate a score without disgracing the countless Red Raiders who came before you, are there with you and will come after you by defaming our own fight song.

You can intimidate the opposing team with the raucous thunder of “Raider Power” while welcoming the opposing fans into one of the most beautiful, exciting and enthusiastic stadiums in all of college sports. I expect more of Red Raiders.

Also, there should be no more of this rushing the field after beating the No. 24 ranked team. Seriously, guys?

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First of all, I don't believe I'm the only one that shares the same opinion as me as when I say you sound very old school and don't have the passion for football like the students here do. I highly doubt a child's safety was threatened- Raider fans are very roudy but not idiots and immoral human beings that would hurt a child over a football game. Second of all, with the amount of student sections we have there is no doubt that fans will cuss and scream and cheer for their team. It's called football- we're allowed to do that and we will continue to do so as a fan base because we have the PASSION for our school and we will rock the Jones exactly how we have for years - with Loud chants, tortillas airborne, cussing up a storm during our fight song, and having mouths like sailors. It's not a bad thing. That's what makes the Jones the Jones. And when the TCU section is challenging our volume by screaming their own chants of course we're going to out-scream them, out-cheer them, and boo right at them and call them out as well. Throwing things (aka. TORTILLAS) has been a tradition for years and is not much of a hassle for the staff on the field to deal with. And tearing up the bleachers? I can understand how that can be disrsepectful to our own stadium, but the truth of the matter is with the revenue generated from tickets and overpriced concessions (4 dollar water bottles, 7 dollar nachos that a small child would still be hungry after eating), replacing or fixing the torn bleachers is not a large expense- very minimal. So when you're complaining because you don't see the fanbase as you would like to see it, just know that WE ARE what makes the Jones what it is and we will KEEP it that way by doing the things that got us the reputation in the first place. If you don't like the way we do things at the Jones- then stay out.


What I posted on Facebook earlier today; friends suggested I it share here:

When a school (Texas Tech) is treated like the red-headed stepchild of the Texas university system, students and fans will act accordingly; unfortunately, it seems to manifest at football games. Those who say things like "No one chooses Texas Tech; Texas Tech is for those who couldn't get into A&M or UT" or assume because we didn't go to Baylor, TCU, or SMU we're not quite as smart, give the student body as a whole a "we'll show you" complex. So when something extraordinary happens at a football game, when our team shines when the odds are against them, that attitude kicks in and things seem to get out of hand at the Jones.

Should it? NO.
Is it an excuse? NO.
Is it OK? NO.
Should those students show more respect? ABSOLUTELY.

It's been said that in order to get respect, one must give it. I can't count the number of people who have said disrespectful, untrue things about the academic quality of my university. Did anyone ever stop to think that mutual respect outside of the stadium might make a lot of things better? Probably not many. You may disagree with me, and that's fine, but I like to think it would.

That being said, it's important for everyone to realize that 99% of us are good, respectful fans. Some of the people I love and respect most in this world went to other universities, and I would never dream of making their game-day experience any less awesome than I'd want mine to be.

So students: grow up, show our visitors the utmost respect, be rowdy and as loud as you can but leave the benches secured to the stadium, eat your tortillas at tailgate, graduate, and go on to be a successful Red Raider whom no one can ignore for all the right reasons.



Whoa whoa whoa....slow down there fella:

Reread your post and evaluate what you are actually saying here.

You are claiming that "passion for football" must inevitably equate to profanity-laced fandom. Just because someone doesn't approve of the disrespectful, vulgar, and immature perversion of the school fight song doesn't make them "very old school."

Similarly "passion" is not synonymous with "profanity." Let's realize that.

And it is most definitely -not- what "makes the Jones the Jones." That may be your opinion, but this opinion is most certainly is not shared by a majority of those who regularly visit the stadium to watch and support Tech football.

No one ever said there is anything wrong with seeking to "out-scream" or "out-cheer" the section of visiting fans. That is precisely what we as devoted fans of the home team should aim to do. Still, we should do it in a respectful, admirable manner that not only sets a positive example for the younger fans in the vicinity, but also makes an amiable and commendable impression for all of the outsiders who are either in the stadium or watching & listening on national television.

As for tearing up the bleachers...the actual monetary value of those bleachers is completely irrelevant. It's still vandalism. And it's uncivilized.
Surely you'd agree it's not moral to rob a bank. But is it okay, in your eyes, to steal a pack of gum? After all, with all the revenue the store probably generates...surely they can compensate a stolen item worth $2...right?

Of course not. A crime is a crime. And vandalism is vandalism. The destruction of property remains the destruction of property, regardless of how much that property is worth. The principle of the matter is what is important here.

I've been to every Tech home football game for 5 straight years (as a student), excluding the Thanksgiving games. Don't tell me that "YOU" make the Jones what it is and exclude all who don't behave as profanely and immaturely as you do.

I am sincerely hoping that you are a mere freshman or sophomore and are speaking out of youthful ignorance. Sometimes behavior like this are things out of which we simply have to grow.


This is a stupid article. Many attempts have been made over the years to try and magically turn the student section into some epitome of class that we simply are not. They have all failed. The whole 'Silent Scare' abomination was an example.

A whining school newspaper editorial will change nothing. We are not Nebraska. Our student section has been doing all of the things you've railed against for more than a decade. If you think this behavior is exclusive to Texas Tech, you have not traveled or sat near any of the SEC school student sections.

It's not going to change. You can whine all you want, or you can tolerate it and reap the benefits of having one of the best homefield advantages in college football. The design of the stadium doesn't trap noise well enough to deafen visiting teams, so we have to make up for it in other ways.



The profanity will never go away. Get over. It. I'm also an upperclassman who you will a see at every home game screaming profane, vulgar, taunting chants and comments without any help from alcohol. It's still a football game- the bleachers being torn up doesn't happen too often so not a single argument will change that. But honestly, SO many fans (mainly all the student sections) scream the profane version of the fight song, taunt visiting players, throw tortillas, and are probably the most rowdy football fans in the country and a lot of us take pride in that. This article is being spread around Facebook and being made fun of. And YES WE ARE WHAT MAKES THE JONES THE JONES. Freshman through grad student- we are loud, rowdy, vulgar, profane. It has been this way long before either of us got here and will continue to be that way long after we're gone. If you want to be a softy then go home and watch the game on TV while all of us are having fun out there. We're on Fox Sports Southwest.


Lets just not allow a visiting fan section, or put them on the other side of the big screen.
If they are further away they wont have to hear us curse at them.

They should be scared of visiting the jones


I know, for a fact, that this article is not addressing students or the student section. The issue was with alumni, adults, drunken, pushing, shoving, fighting fans. They threatened anyone wearing purple regardless of age or stature. Many were stumbling drunk while coming into the stadium. They were Tech fans. They were sitting in the stands designated for the visiting team. They were throwing food and yelling obscenities at TCU fans.

To suggest that there be no area made available to the opposing team is ridiculous. Are you people truly going to attempt to defend your ignorant, offensive behavior? Do you really want that kind of reputation?

I dont mind the tortillas. I rather like that. But I've been hit in the back of the head by full water bottles. And, no, I don't feel I should be subjected to constant streams of profanity while watching a ballgame. Neither should my family and my children.

I've witnessed the Neanderthal behavior and its not ok. I have a tremendous amount of respect for any student that would stand up and speak up. It's a relief to know that all Tech fans are morons. Guns Up!


Not morons*



"This article is being spread around facebook and being made fun of?"

lol. In you circles, perhaps. I've seen it reposted 3 times; all 3 times the intention was to echo the views espoused by the author of this article.

The "loud, rowdy, vulgar, profane" group of individuals whom you purport "make" the Jones what it is are in the minority. "You" don't "make the Jones." Listen to yourself. That sounds pathetic. You and your friends probably comprise about 10% of the people who attend Tech football games.

I'm pretty sure that the people who maintain the profane spectacle of immaturity are skewed toward the freshman and sophomore class. I used to do it as well, because no one who knew better ever told me not to and I was an irrationally hot-headed 18-year old. I know several people who've experienced the exact same transition.

As for being a "softy" - all I can really do in the face of such a juvenile remark is smirk. So you think you're a tough guy because you curse loudly in public? Newsflash, my friend: most people would agree that you aren't a manly man, but an inconsiderate, bumbling oaf.........

As for the defeatists who claim "it will never change, we have tried before bla bla bla," it would take an overhaul of the student culture. No, I don't believe that most people behave this way or even endorse such behavior. That said, there are too many silent objectors. If those uncivil individuals were told at every turn to shut their dirty mouths and, oh, I don't know, perhaps ejected from games for being excessively and profanely raucous, then perhaps such a cultural transformation could be effected.
Of course the support of administration as well as student media and student organizations would help as well.


A question for those of you who insist on hurling profanities toward the football field...

Do you go to church?
If so, what would your pastor say?

Colossians 3:8
But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.

Think about it, guys. Think about it.



Even if you TRIED to make a change in the Jones, you will never succeed. As some users have already said in comments, it won't work and it never will. I'm sure you remember the "Silent Scare" idea because apparently UT fans were too "offended" when they came to Lubbock in 2008. It was such a pathetic move that even made way to fans in the SEC making fun of Big 12 ways. And maybe you sit with your quiet crowd who doesn't cuss or anything so you don't observe what all the student sections are doing. And what should church have anything to do with football? This article is about football...not religion. Don't you dare quote a Bible verse in attempt to sway us from being the football fans that we are. Pretty embarrassing that you had to bring religion into this. In a way that's pretty immature...even...juvenile. You will never change the Jones. Ever. Look at the history. Get over it. How about you go to the games, sit in a quieter, less profane section, sit down on 3rd downs, and leave the game early so you can go press your religion on those just like you.



I will never approve of fans assaulting other fans. At any level of sports no matter who started it. There's always the drug idiots that do that, and normally it can go both ways. Visiting fans should absolutely be safe here- but they better get ready for an ear full. We're not the only stadium that does it. Fans all over the college football world do what we do. IT'S FOOTBALL!!


We will hit um

We will wreck um

We will f um in tha yeah!!

That's not obscene! Merely suggestive!


I totally agree with you. I was so ashamed to be a Tech fan that night. It is so disrespectful and degrading to throw trash on to your own field. I also find it very shameful with how we deface our school song. I believe several years ago Tech fans were voted worst fans in College. I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure, and I feel like we haven't even changed. If I was an opposing college I wouldn't want to come to Jones Stadium. I also agree that It wasn't the smartest move to rush the field after a win like that, it was kind of embarrassing if you ask me. Also tearing up the stands??? Really??? Come on Tech lets keep this campus looking beautiful and a place that people come to and say "Wow this is a beautiful campus."


First and foremost, fans like SHH54 is what makes TTU a TERRIBLE place to watch a football game. The whole "well other schools do it" and using excuses "it's football..."shows the character and perhaps, dare I say, maturity of his ability to produce a college-educated thought. Unfortunately, I can see this only getting worse as he'll go ape-crazy on little league parents, coaches and participants all in the name of football when he gets older. Because it's supposed to happen. Because it's football. Sure, that makes sense.

It's gonna take fans in the stands to correct Mr. SSH54, and his posse of die-hard fanatics, during the game to show how much of a clown-move their statements, and actions, personify a fan base. We're better than that. And you can be passionate, with commonsense, at the same time, too. Save the "excused behavior" for NCAA 14. Now THAT game brings me to shout some vulgarities.


This is not surprising.

You are Tceh. This is what you do. The comments about "couldn't get into TAMU or UT, get made fun of for not being able to go to SMU or TCU or Baylor"......it's all true.

You people act like second-class citizens because you have taken what other people have projected onto you and made it your reality.


The atmosphere at The Jone won't change, because the people won't change. You are the UH of that area of Texas. A safety school. A "well dang, I couldn't go where I wanted to go, but I guess I'll go to Lubbock for awhile" school.

You could rise above it if......oh, who am I kidding. You can't. The comments here demonstrate it.

You probably all voted for Obama as well. Nothing is your fault, and if it is, well, it was your right to behave that way and it should be expected. And you get offended if facts and truth are presented to you. I wouldn't expect Tceh fans to be Liberals, but you act just like them.

Enjoy your future in the Big Dumpster Fire conference. Pray to your Lord and Savior, Deloss Dodds, that he doesn't take the sips to the PAC12 and cast you out into the desert for 40 years.

Oops. You are already located in the desert.


The Jones is intimidating to opposing schools. Their fans, players, coaches, etc. come to Lubbock knowing it is going to be a scary experience. The team very well may lose, and every one of them is going to get yelled at.

Someone said we got voted the worst fans in college football. While on paper that doesn't look good, guess what? EVERY player that comes in to Lubbock knows that. They walk into that stadium with fear. Each one less confident than he would be if we didn't have that intimidation factor.


Have you ever been to an away game for our Red Raiders? I doubt it.
Are we supposed to roll out the red carpet for our rivals? Please believe that TCU is now a rival because these games are only going to get more intense
Do you have any idea what happens to those bleachers that are 'torn up'?
During the 2008 UT game, I was a student on a row that was broken. It wasn't because of any inappropriate behavior in the least. We had packed so many students into one row and everyone was jumping up and down every single play. We were excited when it loosened up because it allowed us to jump higher. By the end of the game, it was in pieces.

I'm sorry, but articles like this are a joke. You are condemning so many individuals when you truly have no idea what you are talking about.

Yes, we use profanity. It's football, get real. We often drink too much. We apologize for having a great time.

The success of the Texas Tech football program is much more than just a game. Many of us believe that the fans have made a difference in the outcome of games. Winning football games and big seasons have a huge impact on Lubbock and everyone associated with this great University.

You can keep on trying to change the Jones, and we will keep on winning in it.

(Agreed about rushing the field. I personally believe we should never rush the field against any team. All it does is laud respect on them, and you can see I don't want that to be what the Jones is about. Come on people)


Let be real here. The Student body is never going to changed, and I am not ashamed of the things I say during a football game. It is what it is, but I do not think that people are being put in danger. I have heard more than a handful of positive comments about how people are nice and friendly in Lubbock. I even heard of a TCU fan attacking a student and starting a fight. Yes, you read that right! We are one of the worst stadiums to be a visitor and there is no doubt about it but I have yet to see a fight in the stands break out because a student started it. Of course, there are exception there is always that ONE guy who is too drunk to give a rats A** about anything.



You keep regurgitating the same stuff without even seemingly reading my posts...

I've already discussed attempts to change the student culture at Texas Tech and thus try to combat the aggressive profanity that afflicts our student body at football games.
The attempts that have been made have been both half-hearted and poorly executed. It would take much more than a "silent scare" campaign or a mere newspaper article.

As for me sitting with my "quiet crowd," lol...I've sat in the student section right by the Tech tunnel during just about every game.

"How dare I bring the Bible" into this? Why? Does it make you uncomfortable that your behavior clearly doesn't align with the teachings of Scripture (not that anyone's wholly does, but it is our responsibility to recognize those failures and vow to improve upon them)? Instead of becoming defensive about it and making some ridiculous accusation against me, perhaps you should reevaluate your behavior and see whether that is how you should be representing Christ.

I'm not "pressing" my religion onto anyone. I'm appealing to other people's faith in Christ, because I know for a fact that plenty of the people who are creating the vulgar and violently hostile environment in the football stadium are church-going or at least believing Christians. And that, my friend, is a gigantic hypocrisy.

@ ChildPlease, thank you for that post.

@FNG: Please don't be ignorant. I am applying to Princeton, Vanderbilt, and UNC's Ph.D. programs this Fall and did both my B.A. and my M.A. here. Why? Because coming out of high school (I was in the top 10% of my class, just to further substantiate my point), I liked the sports teams and the environment. I didn't even apply to A&M or UT. It would be naïve to think that "people simply go to Tech because they couldn't get into A&M or UT."

@ Wreckem: You seriously think "opposing players walk into the stadium with fear?" Come on....they're not 8-year olds. I think that's delusional. They probably get a kick out of it and us spewing profanities at them and insulting their mothers only serves to additionally motivate them.


I see both sides to this. Being that I was a student here in the 90's and having had a sibling here in the 80's, both of us were apart of the Goin Band. I see what is being said here. I know the student body of my time had a lot more class then to what is taking place now. We made alternate words to other teams fight songs but never disrespected our own. I can vividly remember being scared even being apart of the band when we traveled to opposing team stadiums. We were pelted with ice and other objects. Remember sitting on the outer edge of the band where we were next to the opposing team's fans and how uncomfortable they made us and the comments. Yes its a game, do I expect students to be saints? No. Do I expect there to be pride and respect for our own school, YES! I hope to bring my kids to a game some time and for them to see why their parents are so proud of their alma mater. My husband also alumni. We are so proud of our college, loved the time we spent there, have great lifetime friendships. Hate seeing the current opinions and perspectives of the student misbehaving. As far as destroying the bleachers, well I do not see students at fault for that. Bleachers are only designed to handle so many bodies on them, they are also designed for sitting on not jumping on. So yes they will break. I hope no one is ever caught under them when they break. But I also know the school could install better bleachers but choose not too since it is easier and cheaper to just replace the ones that break. But the language being described as " vulgar" that's alarming. Cuss words, well I can had the basic but if crossing into being vulgar that bothers me. To say this behavior has gone on for decades, no your mistaken it has not. That is kept to the student body of the current and with in the past 10 years. I have seen a lot both here and at away games. By the way, getting hit on the field by dried up tortillas after doing the pre game performance, was irritating. Do you know the true history of why that started? I do! Have we always been well behaved? No But did we in past have respect for our University, YES! I loved my days as part of the student body and the goin band! And hope to have my children have the same enjoyment, YES! Let the opposing team and their fans have only bad things to say about our dirt storms and the smell when the direction of the wind changes. Keep the generations of Tech student body proud.


There's so much I love about this column. I love that finally someone on that campus is calling the fans/student body out on their unsportsman like conduct. This is not new. However, it has reached a greater height and visibility with the increase in tv coverage. In other words, the spotlight is on Lubbock, act accordingly. Jones has been a hostile environment for too long. The goal should be to support the team, not create a poor brand or impression. If you truly take the short sighted stance of "I have nothing to be ashamed about," consider this. At some point, you're going to want a job. If you don't think actions like boo'ing injured players, cursing during your own fight song or throwing things on the field don't create an image before you even get an interview, then you are sadly mistaken.


Again, this is a stupid article authored by someone who clearly has not been to any away games of significance. Opposing fanbases are just as bad if not worse, outside of a handful of schools that are completely obsessed with 'class' like the Aggies. Do you want us to turn into a bunch of Aggies? Because I sure don't.

The Jones should remain a hostile environment. That is the point of a home field advantage. We cannot be loud enough to deafen opposing players due to the stadium's design. Why have we been ranked as the best home field advantage in the country a few times? Hostility. Whine and complain all you want about how 'unclassy' our fans are, but that is why we have upset so many teams in the Jones. Lose the hostility = lose the advantage.

Our job as students is to make the stadium a place opposing fans do not want to visit. Who cares if John the TCU fan has a bad time and gets called a naughty word? These dumb articles are written every other year and guess what? They don't do anything except generate absolutely terrible garbage that actually gets us widely ridiculed like the 'Silent Scare'.

If an employer makes hiring decisions based upon how a student section behaves at a football game, then they are an idiot and will have to cross off pretty much every football school in the country.

Things I have witnessed at multiple other football schools in the last two years alone, on TV and in person:

* F School X chants
* Booing fake injuries real or imagined,
* Open hostility
* Throwing things
* Fights
* etc etc etc


Why do you care what other schools do or don't do? Have some pride for your own. Represent your school with respect and dignity, then maybe the red-headed stepchild attitude/perception will fade away into something that merits attention versus dismissal. BTW: didn't say it would stop the hiring process, but creates an impression very similar to this one.


This post is directed towards FNG.... you sound like a booty hurt fan that got beat by Tech.. Just to clear something up... there are TONS of us Alumni and students that NEVER had a desire to go to A&M, UT, Baylor, SMU, TCU, etc... and it never was an issue for quite a few of us who "couldn't get in" either. You're obviously some Tech basher or troll coming on here, but There are plenty of Red Raider Alumni and students that chose to come to Tech over every other school. Many of us are 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Tech students by choice...Yes I agree with everyone else here that the vulgar words incorporated in our fight song desperately need to go away, and acting over the top out of line needs to be contained as well. But quite frankly that is anywhere you go. I've been to numerous away games at various stadiums and guess what? Their fans/students do the same, the only difference is that we don't go home crying like little.. well i won't even say... Tech is the red headed step child of Texas and there are a couple of things that do need to be "cleaned up" but that's anywhere you go... all i can say is WRECK EM


For the record, around 20 percent of Tech students are in the top 10 percent and thus qualify for auto admission to UT and A&M


Dear Fellow Texans: My family is from Lubbock, and my parents are Tech alumni. My grandfather was an avid Tech fan. I have enjoyed watching Tech beat Texas, despite the fact that I am an SMU alumnus. Having said this, a vocal minority have bestowed upon Tech the infamous reputation for drunken, out of control fans. For most of us, this does not impugn the many innocent fans from West Texas. However, the innocents are outweighed by the actions of the rowdy few. West Texas and Lubbock deserve better. Tech deserves better. The culture which continues to make excuses for this unacceptable behavior should not be tolerated, either here or in the stadium, home or away. There is no excuse. College football is a game, and the players play this game with honor - the fans in the stands should not dishonor those who represent Tech so well on the field. This is not an isolated incident. And, it has been taking place for decades. My 86 year old mother, who enjoys her college football, was subjected to drunken, rowdy and obscene Tech "fans" at the SMU game in Dallas - until I put a stop to it. It's time to show some class, and remember we are all Texans... Tech, TCU, SMU... We love our respective teams and for good reason. But let's keep this in perspective. West Texas is famous for a people who have incredible kindness and warmth. It's time to grow up and keep this in mind.

For my Lubbock family and friends.


To quote one student on this board:

"Our job as students is to make the stadium a place opposing fans do not want to visit. Who cares if John the TCU fan has a bad time and gets called a naughty word? These dumb articles are written every other year..."

To this student, I have this to offer: grow up.


@ Hawkspur:

Why, to you, does "hostility" necessarily have to be synonymous with f-bombs? Explain that to me, please.

None of us who are castigating the fans who profanely insult opposing fans and players or even threaten them are advocating that our home field advantage become less "hostile."

It is possible to be rowdy, proud, and loud with class.

To SMUMustang1980: thank you.


I was quite literally assaulted at an ATM game at Kyle Field in 04 by a drunk man in his mid 50's. I was 17 and with my parents.

I have had drinks poured on me at Gaylord Stadium watching Tech lose to OU.

I have been called every name you can come up with while visiting DKR and Amon G. Carter stadiums.

Get a freaking grip on reality people! This is college football, no matter where you go as an opposing fan you are going to be treated with hostility especially when playing your close rivals. Deal with it and quit acting as if Tech fans are the only ones who are hostile.

LOL at the OP and SGA. Try making a trip to an away game you twats.

Oh and to the delusional self-aggrandizing aggy poster, worry about your own cult of a school and hurry back to your glory hole.


This mentality will only serve to undermine Tech's image across Texas and the rest of the country:

"Get a freaking grip on reality people! This is college football, no matter where you go as an opposing fan you are going to be treated with hostility especially when playing your close rivals. Deal with it and quit acting as if Tech fans are the only ones who are hostile."


Only thing worth writing:

Treating visitors to Lubbock like garbage does not make The Jones a tough place to play for the opposing team. Yelling the whole game, not leaving after half-time and tortillas make it a tough place to play. When we treat visitors like garbage we continue to show all of Texas we are not worth respecting. The players don't notice how you treat people outside when tailgating, and there is no reason to be rude to someone else.

Treat everyone with respect until they choose not to show you respect. It'll get you far in life.

If you want to go to a school to party it up, yell F-bombs all game and yell obscenities at the opposing fans, I know Texas State is still taking admissions.


Great editorial! It's unfortunate that it seems articles like this are published every year in the Toreador, but nothing changes.

I would just like someone to tell me how/where/when it is ever appropriate for a grown person (student or alumni) to act like a child by shouting profanity and insulting strangers.


Some of the comments on this post are truly sickening. To justify actions that are downright trashy by simply saying "We've always been this way, get over it." just perpetuates Texas Tech's reputation of having the most distasteful fans in college football. Are we truly the worst? Probably not. But does the public perceive us in that way? Yes.

I am not saying we all need to sit still and smile at the opposing players and never get rowdy. I love the feeling in the Jones on game day. I love the intimidation that radiates from our student section. I understand that this is college football, and that everyone feels very strongly about it. Sometimes you don't like a call, and sometimes you need to drop the F-bomb. I understand that, and I can deal with it. What I can't deal with is belligerently drunk fans that are harassing visitors and fellow students, booing the injuries of either team, screaming profanity in front of children and parents, and blatant disrespect for fellow human beings.

Guys, we can all enjoy our game day experience without being trashy. Let the opposing team be intimidated by our overwhelming love, support, and pride in our school, not in how loud we can scream derogatory insults. We have so much more to offer the world than hateful spirit. I understand how rivalries work, and I know they involve a little less-than-friendly competition. I get that, I really do. But when fans of the opposing team travel all the way to Lubbock and pay to come to the Jones to support their school, they deserve to be treated with respect. Competition is one thing, but downright hostility is another. We are better than that, Red Raiders.

And one more thing. For those of you who are claiming that this is a "whining student editorial" and that the author has no idea what he's talking about, think again. Cord is a close friend of mine and I can truly say he has more passion and love for Texas Tech football than anyone I know. Rain or shine, win or lose, nail-biting close or total blow-out, Cord is the first one there and the last one to leave the stadium. He stands by the Red Raiders no matter what, and conducts himself with dignity and respect. He is a bigger and better football fan than all the drunk, profane, rude, classless hecklers combined.

Thanks, and Wreck 'Em Tech.


As an alumnus (MBA, 2004) who came across this drivel from Mr. Scorgie just this morning, I have some things to say to him that hopefully will inform his outlook on life:

I am proud to be a Red Raider. Always have been, always will be. However, you should get out more -

Really, Cord, I remember being appalled by the indifference most of my classmates displayed toward the issues and ideas nearest and dearest to my heart, too, when I first showed up in Lubbock those many moons ago. But, after awhile, I eventually got over it, in part because I developed enough maturity to accept the well-reasoned choices of others even if I disagreed with them, and in part because I developed enough empathy to understand that I didn't really care about what most of them cared about, either. Chacun à son goût, as they say.

I attended the game last Thursday, and hearing those holier than thou Frogs be treated to a chorus of alcohol fueled hatred warmed the cockles of my heart. It has been a few years now since I have heard that stadium vibrating all the way down to the bedrock it was built upon. New coach or no, the student body and the entire alumni base has been electrified to an extent which hasn't been seen since Mike Leach brought his singular insanity to bear on this fair burgh.

If breaking a few benches, scaring a fox right out his/her hole, and your specious claim that some children were frightened (I for one did not see this, and my party sat very near some TCU fans and their kids) and generally letting an opposing fan base know that they and theirs are not exactly welcomed in Jones Stadium is too much for your fair sensibilities to handle, then I have some additional bad news for you -

It doesn't magically become easier, more pleasant or certainly less vitriolic once you leave the comfortable confines of our beautiful campus. It is a daily fist fight with the rest of the world for you to succeed, and there is enough screaming, taunting, bench breaking and fox scaring out here in the real world to make your head spin. Indeed, be proud of your school, but don't put on such airs as being "ashamed." There are far more important things in the world to be ashamed of, Cord. Lot of things.

Spend some of your precious time you have left on campus trying to enjoy yourself. Lord knows, there is nothing I would love more than to be able go back in time to try and extract even more fun out of the years I spent in Lubbock.

Keep your wits about you after you graduate and try to solve greater things than this - you just might be surprised at the outcome. But, seriously...lighten up.

TDC, MBA 2004


As a sophomore attending Texas Tech, I took a trip down to South Texas for the much anticipated TTU Football Game. Texas Tech was ranked #8 as the opponent was ranked #2. After tailgating with friends from high school, I began my walk towards the stadium. I’ll never forget hearing the phrase, “It’s a bad day to be a Red Raider” along with “When your grades are down, get your guns up” from multiple burnt T shirts. I smiled as I continued on my path ignoring the F bombs being thrown at the Double T print on my grey Nike shirt I was wearing. I made my way through the ticket checker and found my seat in the Texas Tech section. The game begins and the Red Raiders begin to fall to South Texas Legends. I decide it’s time to relieve myself and find the nearest restroom. I wait and wait in line for my turn up to bat. Once I unzip my pants, I hear whispers of profanities and tension begins to build in the boy’s room. I finish my business to turn around to see around 5 men staring at the lonely Tech fan in the bathroom. The men range from thirty something’s to salt and pepper hair pieces. I look at the mob with question adding,

“What’s up fellas”

To hear,


I begin laughing as one of the men screams,

“What’s so f’ing funny” as the typical, “You were too dumb to attend a REAL school” falls from the mouth of one of the over confident thirty year olds.

I rub my hand across my head and begin laughing more stating,

“You’re right; I’m the dumba** still in college having a great time every weekend. On the other hand, you old farts are having a great time working your boring jobs waiting till the next home game…so you can bow up to students in the bathroom.”

I exited the bathroom with animosity breath down my neck including more profanity being injected into my ears.

Fast Forward to 2008:

There is a school in Oklahoma with an incredible fan base. Once you exit their locker room, you are greeted with the site of a 12 foot gate where fans watch opposing players enter the field. As you make your way towards the grass, miniature hands reach through the gate to grant high fives. Since no one wants to disappoint a child, you naturally reach down to grant them their wish.

Once your hand touches their hand, a grown man’s hand grabs anything your wearing and yanks you towards the gate. Once your body is flush with the gate, more hands begin to grab you as if the Walking Dead are going to rip the flesh from your skin. Spit and profanities are the least of your worries as you pry yourself from the mob clawing at your eyes. Once you reach the stadium level you look up to fans screaming your number and asking you politely to “Drop Dead”, along with a slip of a hand and PowerAde falling towards your feet.

This is the most passionate sport in America. People love their school. This is a discussion that was held before you became a Red Raider, and will likely be brought up again after you leave. Things happen out of excitement.

"You got a hold world to change, but understand who you gotta change first"

Stay up Cord, keep grinding and do what you do. Just remember the fan base your talking too. It's West Texas. It's the Red Raiders. It's testosterone injected into the spines of people proud to wear Red & Black. Wreck Em.

True Raider

I am always amazed by the articles that are written about "Tech Fans" and how bad they are. Usually the articles are written with a hidden agenda. In this case it is due to "Cord Scorgie's" cousin having a bad evening. I wonder if this article would have been written had purple aggy won? I have been a season ticket holder for many years and have attended Tech games since I was in middle school. That accounts for 35 years. While I have seen some issues that have occurred, it is usually nothing more than a few overly excited fans with some having a little too much to drink. I find it interesting that it seems to only be a problem when we beat the opposing school?

I will be honest with everyone here, our fans do not do anything that should make us feel ashamed of our alumni or the followers of our team that attend games. If an individual gets out of hand, they need to be dealt with on an individual basis. If your cousin does not feel welcome at Jones Stadum, THEN DON'T COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you (Cord Scorgie) and your cousin are NOT going to mischaracterize our fan base because little Jimmy didn't feel at home. He wasn't.


Reading this makes me so proud I did not attend this little university. Some places are destined to be Tier 3 forever, and good old Texas Technological is one of them. Pass this off as a "few alcohol field students" if you like, but what it really is, is a referendum on the attitudes and behaviors of the place. Real progress, growth, funding, etc... will never find its way to Lubbock because of those attitudes and behaviors. It's sad really, that the "few alcohol fueled idiots" can drag what could be a great University down with them. Enjoy continued mediocrity and irrelevance.


Lubbock is a wonderful town and there’s simply no place in the world like the Jones, but I guarantee every Horned Frog in attendance Thursday will never want to come here again because of the way they were treated and that’s patheticvoyant


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