With the presidential election in full swing and election day close at hand, elections are on every American’s mind. Whether on social media, the news and even the “Go Vote!” flyers stuck on the milk coolers at your local supermarket, the reminders are there.  

However, how many of us really spend time understanding the candidates that we may vote for? More importantly, how well do you really know the candidates and what they stand for, such as Donald Trump?  

Trump’s platform for president is not as simple as some claim it to be.  In fact, it is many of the accomplishments and goals of his administration that set him apart from the career politicians we have all grown to dislike.  

His slogan of “Promises Made, Promises Kept” is one of genius. From the stimulation of jobs, corporate tax reform and a sweeping criminal justice reform package, Trump has delivered more in the past four years than anyone could have imagined.  American optimism and the belief in the everyday American is what the Trump campaign is all about. 

When asked, many young people such as myself cite issues like the environment, criminal justice and having a job in the future as some of the top priorities as a voter. With these issues, Trump has done quite a lot in making sure that the next generation of Americans is better off than the last.  

One such thing is the First Step Act, helping fix the mass incarceration of people from the 1994 Crime Bill. That 1994 Crime Bill was ironically authored in part by Joe Biden, the current Democratic Nominee for President.  

Allowing individuals to participate in society once again, First Step offers a second chance at the American Dream, something not possible under the 1994 Crime Bill.  

With Trump, the EPA has done more in cleaning up polluted Superfund sites than in the past 18 years.  Just in 2019 the EPA under Trump finished and removed 27 sites from the list of polluted places.  The last time the EPA completed that many was in 2001, all while getting rid of regulations that did little to protect and only enlarged a federal bureaucracy. 

If you ever listen to Trump, one thing he always mentions is jobs.  It is true that re-COVID-19 the U.S. had one of the lowest unemployment records for Americans ever. Job prospects for minorities grew as well, with African American and Hispanic unemployment reaching record lows.  

Supporting business opportunities for every American is a top priority for the Trump Administration, giving every American the ability to work for themselves, without burdensome taxes holding us back.  

Trump also supports energy independence, made largely possible by the shale revolution from horizontal fracking. Just in December of 2018, the U.S. had become a net exporter of oil for the first time in over 75 years, creating jobs and enriching areas we know well here in Lubbock, such as Midland and Odessa. 

Combined with the use of natural gas, the American energy sector has gotten much cleaner, and it’s all thanks to fracking. However, some in the environmentalist lobby have talked about banning fracking, which  would not only cost thousands of jobs but could cost us our energy independence. It would make us reliant upon foreign governments once again for oil, a dangerous position. Under Trump, this ban will not occur.  

Another issue many voters consider is foreign policy, especially interventionism. In 2019, the Trump administration pulled almost all its troops from the country of Syria, and with good reason, as Trump found no strategic interest in staying there. 

Like most Americans, I do not like getting involved in foreign conflicts with no benefit to the U.S., especially in a country that most Americans probably could not find on a map. A U.S. president has hardly ever taken this type of position, and America is all the better because of it.  

Many other things such as the appointment of originalist judges, supporting law enforcement, enriching school choice for families and sensible immigration reform are all apart of the Trump Administration’s plans for America. Remember that this election is more than just slogans, it’s about the American future that you want to see.  

Please, go and vote this November and exercise an ability very few in the world have, the ability to have a voice. 

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