While I would have loved for the Pittsburgh Steelers to be one of the teams to be playing in this year’s Super Bowl, I have accepted their early loss. However, I will still be watching the event on Feb. 7, 2021. 

I believe that many people will be tuning in that night regardless of their team preference. This year, the Super Bowl is more than about football. 

The Super Bowl every year is the most watched televised broadcast in the United States. It will still be the case this year, but not for the reasons you think. 

We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and vaccinations are just being rolled out, but the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be near. Sports traditionally have always brought people together. 

The Olympics unite countries, and the World Cup finals unite regions. While sports are competitive, the emotion and serotonin they bring are what is needed at a time like this. 

For a single night, all can be forgotten and attention is brought to the traditional and nostalgic game of football. My focus and what I know from others is on the entirety of the broadcast. 

Since this is the most watched program every year, advertisers and promoters know this is the time to put their products out there. We are watching more than men tossing a football, but the masterpieces of Super Bowl ads. 

There is always a commercial for someone. These companies appeal to all audiences as they know every TV has the same game on. 

There are no flipping channels during the Super Bowl, or else you are going to miss something important, that could very well be a meme that will last three months. 

What I predict as well this year for advertisers is that they will use the past events to their advantage. Not in a negative way, but in a way where the entire audience can relate and laugh. 

The flip side of everyone living the same life for the past year is the audience is universal. We are all exhausted of the redundant news reports, and the constant reminders of the situation we are in. 

However, with the biggest event in the U.S. approaching, there is a break that is given to everyone. Even when we can not physically crowd or gather, streaming the game while facetiming friends and family is just as good. 

The game is already on a big screen and after a year’s worth of practice, I could say streaming and virtually calling is second nature now. Watching the game from the comfort of your own home is a common tradition amongst Americans. 

I remember for the 2011 Super Bowl my family decorated our whole house with black and yellow decorations for the Pittsburg Steelers. The closure and normalcy has not completely gone away due to the pandemic. 

If anything, the pandemic has taught us how to be more creative. This game will be broadcast out on so many platforms so no one will be left out. It’s about the experience as a whole. 

Americans finally have something positive to look forward to. 

Every year I watch the event purely for the advertisements but as well for the halftime show. This year’s performer will be The Weeknd. 

He is a Grammy award winner who is not even from around here. This Canadian star is bringing people from across the border to tune into this special event. 

The halftime show is just as important to as the game as the broadcast are bringing a target audience who are not typical football fans. Music lovers and sports fans, in general, are all anxiously waiting for the biggest U.S tradition. 

This is our only sense of normalcy in these hectic times. 

No matter who wins this year’s Super Bowl, it will be the best broadcast ever watched. I do not have much excitement for the upcoming months because we are approaching a year into this pandemic. 

The world is tiptoeing every day wondering what the next move is. It feels like we are blind because we have to say “if”. 

The Super Bowl is what is guaranteed. It is happening, it is continuing, and I bet every American will be tuning in somehow. This is our normally scheduled program. 

So while this event is about football, this event brings more than football to the audience. It brings everyone together again.

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