On Oct. 25, Harry Styles announced via Twitter that he would be dropping his music video for the song “Golden” after posting various promotional material for it throughout the week. 

He dropped the video at 11 a.m. the next morning, and fans immediately went crazy as the video got millions of views in a matter of hours. 

The video is a compilation of Styles running, driving, swimming and dancing along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. There is not a major plotline to the music video, but the vibe of it is enough to make anyone feel relaxed and happy while watching it. 

With Styles’ other videos, there has usually been a plotline or other people in the music videos that either distract from the song or do not correlate with the song at all. 

However, in the “Golden” video, the viewer is able to focus on him and feel what he is expressing through the song because it is just him and the music. While the music video did not necessarily align with the lyrics of the song, there was nothing distracting in it that took the viewer’s focus away from Styles. 

This music video has quickly made its way up in the rankings of my favorite music videos made by him for many reasons. For one, the song itself is a feel-good song that instantly puts me in a good mood when I hear the opening notes. 

When I found out a music video was coming out for it, I could hardly contain my excitement, and the video certainly did not disappoint. 

Another facet of the video I enjoyed was the fashion in it. Styles goes through a series of outfit changes during the video, starting in a flowy white shirt and burlap shorts before transitioning into a turquoise blazer over white plaid pants. 

However, my favorite outfit he wore was a pair of floral pants with a black belt and a yellow fisherman’s hat. His outfit matched the vibe of that part of the song, and it really tied the video together for me. 

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this video so much was because of the camera work and the way the cinematography of the video helped the viewer visualize themselves standing next to Styles and dancing alongside him, almost as if they were taking the journey through Italy with him. 

The overall feeling I got from watching the music video was my favorite part about it. I had a smile on my face from start to finish while watching it, especially on the parts where Styles was dancing or acting silly. 

My favorite part of the video is when the line “I know that you’re scared because hearts get broken” is sung, and Styles goes crazy, dancing crouched down in front of the water. 

This part stood out most to me because it seemed like he was having the most fun and was carefree in that moment, and I could not help but dance along with him. 

Having been a fan of Styles’ since One Direction, this video was important to me because it showed him being himself for the first time in a long time. By this, I mean that Styles’ fans do not get to see the sillier side of him as much anymore as he tends to be more serious and private in the public eye. 

This video gave me and many other fans a reminder that he is still Harry, and he has not changed throughout the years. 

Styles has always strived to promote messages of having fun and doing what you love, and this video displayed just that. 

When watching this video, it is very easy to get lost in Styles’ little world, and I believe that is exactly what he wanted his fans to take away from it – a sense of wonder and being carefree despite what may be happening around them. 

I encourage those of you who have not seen the music video to go watch it on YouTube after reading this. Whether you are a fan of Styles’ or not, “Golden” is a music video that can put anyone in a good mood after watching it.

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