Summer 2021 is going to the best summer for college students. For some students, it may have already started and they forgot there was a pandemic. However, for most, this summer is going to be redemption. 

Last year’s summer was abruptly taken away. Not only was there a virus rapidly spreading as well as fear, anxiety and depression. This summer season is another ball game. 

Coronavirus did not miraculously disappear, it never will. Just as the flu, meningitis and other grimy diseases we get vaccines for the hope for a somewhat normal summer did not disappear either from students’ minds. 

I experienced a sneak peek at what the summer is going to be like over this past Easter break. Leaving the state of Texas, I flew out to the District of Columbia for the wellness weekend and witnessed a progressive and positive change to traveling. 

Of course, masks are worn by everyone in airports, and the airports themselves do such a magnificent job in making everyone feel safe and reducing the spread of germs. 

Not a moment went by that it felt morally wrong to be leaving the state because of the allocation of personal protected equipment and the implication of sanitized areas. These regulations will most likely remain the same for the duration of the next few months. 

The regulations are casual actions to be made, and if anything, add another safety measure to one’s travels. Adding then reassurance you would not catch the virus. To truly feel like summer, the limitation of being sick is a key factor. 

Doing small efforts here and there allows the fun to really happen. College students know all about procedures and protocols. Doing their part for an enjoyable summer is no enduring task. 

Beyond the traveling efforts, once they are in the destination of their choice, places have had over a year to adapt. The adaption may be even better than the original. 

For example, reservations are everyone’s best friends now. Businesses are taking reservations so seriously now because not only it is mandated in various areas, but it as well  creates a more personal experience for customers. 

At theme parks, reservations are needed, in addition to limited capacity. At first, they may have seemed like a disappointment, but by spending less time in line for rides, there is more time spent being on the rides. 

While they should have been doing all these safety measures before, because of the pandemic, there are no guaranteed safety measurements that can ease the mind for this summer. 

This pandemic has taught us not only how to be healthier and more cautious when it comes to public areas, but how to as well truly indulge in our summers. 

Due to last summer being the peak of coronavirus, the options to even do leisure activities were canceled. Nonetheless, this summer is about enjoying every second because we now know how to not take each day for granted. 

This is why this will be the best summer yet. I’m not trying to say everyone will go buck wild, but people will know how to truly live again. The pandemic last summer showcased to many there is so much more to life than being cooped up in our rooms. 

Being in college is about stumbling, discovering and finding out who you are, and it was pretty difficult to do that when isolated. This summer is about taking back what was taken away. 

From first-year students coming into college to the ones graduating, this summer symbolizes a positive meaning to everyone. 

It is beginning to look promising with the safety measures and vaccinations being rapidly rolled out. 

Everyone’s guard should not be completely down but taking life for granted is not going to be tolerated. 

Summer 2021 is ready for the people. It is ready to pave the path into somewhat normalcy after a hell of a year. 

It is not fear that will drive college students into enjoying this summer. It will be appreciation and gratitude that there is a summer reparation. 

It will be the best summer for these students because they have experienced wasted days. Not saying that all of the last summer was completely lost, but this summer, no day will be left behind. 

Thank you to the companies that are trying to make sure this summer is still happening while also being safe. With their cooperation, college students can cooperate and support them. Beyond the benefits of our fantastic summer but for everyone else’s too. 

This summer will be what could have been last year. Cancellation of trips is now an adaptation of trips. This will not only make it memorable because of the time we are in but because students have learned, they cannot take these days for granted.

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