The Agricultural Sciences Building

The Agricultural Sciences building is located at 1312 Boston Avenue.

Fellow CASNR students and Texas Tech community,

As we all know, things are pretty different this semester, but that does not mean it has to be bad! You’ve already seen the modified classes (some turned hybrid and some online) as well the spread-out lecture rooms for our face-to-face courses.

If you have not seen the livestock arena lately, it is a perfect example of what our college is doing to help keep us learning in an environment that is safe for us. You have already worn the masks, kept your distance, and washed your hands, but let’s keep it going!

Our professors and instructors in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources have worked incredibly hard to create and maintain hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for us and have developed their classes to work in case we feel sick and have to learn from home. Let’s meet them halfway.

Our faculty and staff care greatly about us, and it is our responsibility to attend class (online or in-person), keep up to date with our coursework, and study hard so that we can get the most out of what our professors and instructors are providing for us.

 Here are a couple of things to remember as we dive into this unique Fall semester here at Texas Tech within the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: 

  • Let’s wear our masks on campus and follow all of the health and safety guidelines outlined by our college and university. Always remember that if you have questions, get a hold of somebody. CASNR is full of wonderful resources.
  • Let’s help one another out! If you are an upperclassman and you know or see a Freshman with questions needing answering, be that resource for them. Let’s work to keep each other up to date with what is going on in class and on campus.
  • Let’s stay enthusiastic and involved. Just because things look different this semester, let us not steer clear of getting involved in the remarkable extracurricular activities that CASNR provides. Whether we are recruiting for prospective students as an Agri-Techsan or serving as a member of one of our National Champion judging teams, let’s keep our heads up and do everything we can!
  • Let’s keep working towards school like we would on any “normal” semester. We are incredibly fortunate to attend school at one of the best agricultural colleges in the nation, so let’s take advantage of that. Keep a planner, and fill in all of the important deadlines/due dates we have to keep ourselves organized. It can be a little confusing with everything either online or hybrid, so let’s stay prepared.
  • Let’s check in on one another. College life is hugely different this semester, and we should make sure that our friends and peers are doing well and staying healthy.

 CASNR has always been a community where we work hard, pitch in our efforts, support one another, and achieve success together. This semester will be no different. No matter what major we claim within CASNR, let’s make Fall 2020 special, just as we would any other semester here at Texas Tech!


CASNR Senators – TTU Student Government Association

Chance Mitchell, Taylin Antonick ,Steven Iida, Sarah McCormack

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