Front side of Honors Hall located at 901 Flint Ave.

Front side of the Honors Dorm.

Dear Red Raider Family,

Every student at Texas Tech University has a different background. That is one of the many aspects of campus culture that we take pride in here. Consider how you got to Texas Tech and how each moment in your life lead to this university.

While each story is different, I can confidently say that each story contains three things: aspirations to better yourself, respect for others, and the goal to graduate college. Aspiring to better yourself goes hand in hand with learning and growing. Learn more about this virus by visiting reliable sources on the internet including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

There you will find many studies on the effectiveness of masks and why it is important to wear them. Continue bettering yourself here at Texas Tech by educating yourself regarding this deadly virus. The facts will lead you to find that masks truly help.

Think about the love and respect you have for your family, friends, and fellow Red Raiders. One of the simplest ways to exhibit that is by wearing a mask because wearing a mask protects those around you.

While you personally may not have anyone that is high risk in your life, there are many students on campus that are high risk themselves and/or live with someone who is at high risk of being hit hard by the coronavirus. Each person has a story and it is impossible to know who each student on this campus sees in their life. Be considerate to others and show them that you care for their and their family’s lives by wearing a mask.

Finally, without the proper precautions taking place, walking across the stage in the United Supermarkets Arena to receive your diploma will not be possible. Wearing a mask ensures that we are one step closer to making sure that each student from here on out gets to graduate in person, not just on a screen. After all, that is the goal of each and every student that attends this university.

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