The general act of sharing can sometimes be a difficult task. Lending a classmate an extra pen when they may have forgotten one, is a small but kind example of sharing.

However, when you first arrive in college, there is a lot more you have to share than just a pen. In most cases, incoming students going to college usually share a living space with other new students. 

Whether the student’s living space is a dormitory on-campus or an apartment near campus, you’re sharing that space with other people. One area where it is crucial to keep clean and tidy is the bathroom space that you share with others. 

The bathroom is where you start your day, to freshen yourself up in order to look presentable and professional throughout the rest of your day. Though from recalling past experiences and currently sharing a public bathroom so far in college, it is easy to attest they are often always taken for granted.

Having spent nearly two months in a public dormitory, there has been a clear disregard for keeping the bathrooms as clean as possible by some individuals who use the bathroom provided in the dorm. On any given day there is toilet paper spread across the bathroom floor, toilets that have not been flushed and excess soap all along the area by the sink. 

This has also been a prominent problem for all bathrooms around campus, not just specifically dormitories. The problem of unclean bathroom environments seems to be well known in most of all public places, but is beginning to become a noticeable issue in college settings. 

Maybe the most obvious and important reason why it is important to be responsible after using a public bathroom is that people need to be safe. The truth is, the more frequently a bathroom is messy and unkempt, the higher chance of  unwanted infections.

It also is just a very easy way to ruin the space of which you are sharing. If the space of the bathroom is continuously unclean, then the faster the area will become unsanitary and harder to turn back into its original space.

Another important aspect to touch on is what an unclean bathroom shows to the people who are hired to maintain its cleanliness. Even if the people who clean the public bathrooms on and off campus get paid, it is still extremely important to give them respect. 

Having a custodial job such as mopping or vacuuming a dormitory floor can be tough, but rigorously cleaning a shared public bathroom can be even tougher. We should show these workers respect by not making their job harder by creating an unhealthy and messy bathroom environment.

Having the task to clean a public bathroom is also a type of job that almost no one wants to do, let alone do in the worst conditions. That is even more impressive for the people who do want to take charge and get the task of cleaning a public bathroom done.

No matter what it is, sharing a public space with other people can sometimes be difficult. The only space most students had to be with people was their own house with their family.

Now, as students become adults and start to settle in the college environment, they have to share a space with complete strangers.

A space that is very important to keep manageable and clean is a public bathroom. Even if it isn’t a bathroom a student uses everyday like one in a dormitory or apartment, it is still important to do so.

When you take care of a public bathroom and make sure to use it the way it is supposed to be used, it makes a world of difference. You keep the space clean and others safe by eliminating harmful germs and bacteria to surround the bathroom. 

Most importantly, you show others that you care. You treat the people who not only use the bathroom but the ones who clean it respectfully. 

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