The 2020 presidential election is closing in, and with it comes political participation and need to respect other's political opinions.

It seems more people are getting involved in politics both as responsible citizens and as political activists. Typically, when this happens, a person will do research and figure out their morals, beliefs and ideas tend to align with a specific political party and will be likely to vote for candidates of same party.

These morals and beliefs are critical to have when forming opinions on topics and issues. However, the refusal to keep an open mind or find common ground between opposing sides leads to a toxic political mindset.

Conversations about opposing, slightly different and similar opinions are important. However, these conversations only are valuable so long as people try their best to attempt to understand other people's reasoning and point of view.

They must try to reason their point clearly and effectively without either side acting unprofessional. Insults, belittling and other personal attacks will quickly devolve a conversation into a bitter argument, and if any understanding or agreement was to come out of this dialogue, it most certainly isn’t happening now.

As humans, we may very easily take things said to heart and act out of a place of emotion, and while this could be a good thing by making us appear passionate and caring, it also could make use appear angry and annoying.

It is important to keep in mind many people have a political mindset where they refuse to budge, and that is all right. There are many important topics and issues where we might feel we cannot find a compromise.

These issues can be anything from crucial medical care policies to social justice concerns. It is very possible not everyone will be agreeing in consensus on any topics, and that is alright.

The best thing we can do is explain ourselves in the best way possible and attempt to understand where other folks may be coming from.

Notice the choice of wording: “understand” and not agree. We won’t always agree with what other people have to say, but if we can at least come to understand others, we’ve already made a big step in finding some sort of compromise.

We all deserve a level of respect from each other, and when it comes to expressing political thoughts, we must retain and an even higher level of respect. Ending a dialogue with an understanding of each other can show great amounts of respect and can’t hurt the case a person is trying to make.

The political field is a mentally-taxing and trying area, as it always has been. It is not hard to get swept away in frustration of it all. If we ever hope to change the toxic political attitudes going on, there must be a change in how every single individual acts.

Show the respect that maybe you weren’t given and attempt to understand the point of the person you completely disagree with. It would be foolish to expect immediate results, but if done on a large scale for a long period of time, we might achieve more progress in both government and in our own communities.

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