We recognize the uncertainty and anxiety the presidential, state and local elections have caused. We feel exactly what you feel. 

However, we are dedicated to informing the public on official race called by either the Associated Press, Texas Secretary of State or Lubbock County Elections Office.

During this time as the country waits for this election to be called and the aftermath in the coming days, we ask for patience as we report on presidential, federal, state and local elections and potential recounts.

We have a dedicated team of editors and staffers watching the news 24/7 waiting to report on what is going around the nation and locally.

We also believe in the will of the people, the strength of our democracy and hope every American ballot that has been cast will be counted. This election is unprecedented with the large amount of mail-in ballots, close race calls and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand the results of this election will make some angry and others happy, but we must come together. Together we are the future of America, and together we write the next chapter of history.

Let’s write one that we are proud to tell our children about.

Remember, we are Red Raiders, and we respect everyone and their ideas and backgrounds. This is the campus culture Tech’s administration fosters among the students and loves to boast to other colleges.

In doing so, we must turn our focus back to issues our campus is facing once the election is all said and done. Diversity, inclusion and protecting our students and athletes are just a few of the issues our campus community is facing. 

 Let’s find unity amid these hard times. As always, strive for honor in everything you do. Wreck ‘Em.

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