Tuesday marked a week till the 2020 Presidential Election and starts the special coverage of the Opinions section called Race to 270. Whenever you see a column starting with Race to 270 or the graphic displayed above, know that it’s a part of this special coverage and it pertains to politics.

We will provide opinions showing both sides of the arguments for both candidates and help educate voters on what’s at stake in this election at the state and local levels. 

We vow to be as balanced as possible and base our opinions on facts, not feelings as this election is during an unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

My columnists and I also will provide predictions based on voting info being reported by credible sources on days leading up to and on Election Night. Of course, follow us on Twitter, at @DailyToreador for all news pertaining to every election on Tuesday.

Follow me at @MateoRosilesDT for predictions and live coverage. We will be calling states on Tuesday night and seeing how people are reacting around the nation and state as well.

We know this is a crazy election but The Daily Toreador, and the Opinions section have you covered.


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