Are you ready for election season? It’s already March and we are on the brink of midterms and spring break. Can’t you taste the saltwater of the ocean of that spring break beach trip you’re taking this year? 

However, before we start the upcoming activities, the country must face an important day in election season; Super Tuesday. For some of us, this is our first time voting in a Presidential Election, so you may be asking, “What is Super Tuesday?”

I can personally say I asked this question too. So, while researching this topic, I found numerous resources and articles. I encourage readers to do research before voting on Super Tuesday to make a more informed vote. 

If you are looking for a place to start researching then I offer the Washington Post’s article “What is Super Tuesday and why is it important?” However, in a nutshell, Super Tuesday sets the tone for the election. Over 1,000 delegates will be decided on Tuesday, and Texas is one of the 14 states involved. While the Democratic party has more on the line this year, I highly encourage all voters to go out and vote for your party.

Another question you may be asking; where can I vote on Tuesday? The Texas State website has resources to help voters find their nearest voting station. For voters on campus, the voting station is in the Library South Croslin Room. Yes, Tech has moved the voting station from Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center to the library. 

I have to applaud Tech recognizing that the voting station at the Rec was out of the way for most voters on campus. I did not know that Tech had moved the voting center and was going to advocate for a more accessible location on the interior of campus when I was going into writing this piece. Also, the library is, if not, the most accessible building on campus. However, I think Tech overlooked some small details.

One of the library’s two entrances is located next to the free speech area. If you aren’t familiar with the free speech area on campus, it is the once area where anyone can speak their mind, within reason. It’s a place where amazing debates and discussion happen between ideologies. 

With that being said, it’s also a place where some discussion becomes more of a fight between ideologies; nothing violent, just a shouting match. While I love that the university promotes students to speak their minds, during an election season, it can deter some voters due to having people outside the voting station trying to get you to vote for their candidate. 

I encourage those who don’t want to be bombarded by those campaigning for their candidate to use the other entrance facing the Dairy Barn. We deserve our voice to be heard and to count. I also encourage you, the reader, to do some last minute research and gain more knowledge. Make an educated vote and support your candidate. Super Tuesday is notorious for telling which candidates have and don’t have a chance to move on to compete for their party’s nomination. No matter what party you support or belong to, go out and vote on Super Tuesday.

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