Whether country turned pop artist Taylor Swift is someone that you adore or someone that you truly cannot stand, your opinion of her cannot deny the facts of her musical and career success.

With the latest release of her seventh studio album, “Lover,” released on Aug. 23, Swift has been on a career high.

The album’s entire 18-piece track list currently sits in the Billboard top 100, making Swift the top female artist to hold the most records at once in the top 100. Her record breaking doesn’t end there though.

According to forbes.com, Swift's debut marks the best-selling week for an album in the U.S. since she released “reputation” almost two years ago—making her the first female artist in history to sell more than 500,000 albums in a single week.

While all of the statistics show Swift’s success in her “Lover” release, it should be no surprise that she would dominate the charts of the music industry and the hearts of many of her dedicated fans. What can come as a surprise, though, is how Swift managed to win back hearts of those who left her after her “reputation” album—one of those hearts being my own.

With the release of her sixth studio album in 2017, “reputation”, was a complete opposite theme to “Lover’s” upbeat, bright, nostalgic theme and Swift seemed to lose the interest of some of her older fans.

Though “reputation’s” sales were met with excitement and exhilarating numbers in revenue, purchases, streams and even her worldwide stadium tour, Forbes predicts that “even if ‘Lover’ undersells ‘reputation’ in its first seven days, it’s going to have a much longer shelf life than its predecessor.”

This can only be due to the powerful shift of energy in Swift’s musical approach with “Lover.” During her “reputation” era, there seemed to be some anger and bitterness that Swift was working out in a lyrical way. Her music videos were filled with subtle hints and shade of all those who have done her wrong and, in an essence, tarnished her “reputation.”

It seemed as though the “reputation” era was a darker time in Swift’s life. With this, many fans who were used to her lighter music rejected the idea of this Taylor Swift who seemed to be acting out in a way which didn’t resemble who she truly was at heart.

The record-breaking artist even admitted this to herself and to her fans in a May 2019 interview with The Daily Mail saying, “the aesthetic was a reflection of how she felt as a person and that a lot had happened over the years which made her feel terrible.” Through time and healing, Swift began to reemerge in a brighter and more colorful way that showed signs of happiness and rejuvenation with her first hit single, “ME” off of her new album.

As she began to release more singles and music videos throughout the time span of the summer, she was beginning to captivate the attention of not only her fans, but those who she had lost along the way as well.

With finally releasing “Lover” in August, the pop star has been greeted with nothing but love and acceptance of her new, yet similar sound of the bright, tender-hearted Taylor Swift that fans around the world love and adore.

Almost every review of her album on all major entertainment or news sources has complimented her work. In this moment, though, the album is extremely successful in the numbers game. It seems that the success of her album is more dependent on the love and acceptance from her fans.

In reference to one of her songs, “Daylight,” off of “Lover,” Swift mentions that the song is the closing song on her album because “it recognizes past damage and pain but shows that it doesn’t have to define you… ‘reputation’ felt like nighttime and ‘Lover’ feels completely sunlit.”

This is the point where we wonder if the potential surpassing sales and stadium tour revenue that “Lover” will provide over “reputation” is what matters, or the healing and growth that Swift has gone through. In my opinion, it is the latter, and I believe it is safe to say that Taylor Swift’s reputation is in fact over—the era that is.

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