A busy schedule can be very stressful for an individual and can cause one to feel run down very quickly. It is very important to balance one’s time but sometimes it is not as easy as it seems. Life can become very overwhelming very fast. Self-care is something that is very important to one’s mental health and can help ease some of the stress one feels just by simply living out life.

Self-care is a topic that has become particularly relevant in the past few years as the discussion about mental health has become more prominent. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, stress can take a physical toll on one’s body in the forms of headache, nausea and even insomnia. Relieving some of this stress can reduce those symptoms which helps one clear one’s headspace and encourage one to continue to the next day with full energy.

Taking care of one’s mental health is an important task. The discussion on mental health is something that has become an increasingly relevant topic in our society. The new attitude and perspectives that many young people have about mental health has shifted the topic from being taboo to being something serious which needs to be discussed. Mental health is just as important as physical health and it should be taken care of as such.

Self-care can be different for every individual. It may mean taking a day to pamper oneself, taking the time to read a book, paint or simply getting up and taking a shower. Mental health is extremely important to success in other areas of life and it should be treated with the upmost importance.

Self-care doesn’t even have to be something time-consuming. Sometimes it can be as simple as saying a word. According to Law of Attraction, there are different ways to practice self-care, one of those simply being learning to say no when too overwhelmed or tired. This may seem like a very small thing to put into practice, but the results can be astonishing. Ultimately one’s health is what is most valuable, so learning to make it a priority even with small actions can make one feel so much better.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with a hectic schedule, especially as a college student. The constant pressures of academics, internships and extracurriculars can take a toll of one emotionally and mentally. Time management can come into play as a method of self-care. Amherst College offers many tips to plan for a busy schedule that can make a huge difference in one’s stress level.

Understanding what kinds of self-care work best for oneself is crucial to improving mental health. It is important to understand what exactly it is that causes one to feel stress and its mental and physical impact. Time management is something that can help alleviate some stress, but it may need to be paired with other things. Figuring out what clears one’s head is a great place to start, and from there, other forms of self-care may be adapted in a person’s life.

Managing stress is a part of living a healthy life and should be practiced daily. It is easy for people to feel run down nowadays as the world is always changing and we are forced to keep up. We feel pressured to actively participate in opportunities in order to maintain our social lives and make ourselves as successful as possible.

However, not participating at 100 percent makes us less likely to benefit from the experiences. Practicing self-care is something that helps individuals return to their best. Self-care is not selfish; instead it should be celebrated and welcomed as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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