As October waits for us, fall takes over summer, bikinis are on sale racks while sweaters keep mannequins warm, and it is time to officially say goodbye to the season of summer and all of our favorite song lyrics that mention September. With every new month, begins a new window of opportunity and growth, but with every new season, a new door is opened.   

My favorite thing about a new season, fall particularly, is that there is a sense of renewal. Just like, the “Great Gatsby” says, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Sure, we can make our resolutions at the New Year and begin our clean slate then, but there’s something special about fall that allows us to begin again as well.

With this new season, there is a chance to shed older versions of ourselves that no longer serve us. There is opportunity to begin again, and to forgive ourselves for the things that we did and did not do. As the trees release their leaves that no longer provide purpose for them, we should release all things that no longer provide positivity for us either.  

When you reflect on months that go by and seasons that pass, you never realize that you are changing. Every day can seem like just another day until you look back and take into consideration all that you have become and all that you are. Every instance that brought you a sense of pain, joy, peace, anger, hurt or whatever emotion you can identify that you felt in the past few months of the summer season, has brought you to this very moment. It is time to take a breath, and to release those things.

Let these emotions filter through your body and through your mind, bring awareness to them the way you are aware of the changing season and let go of the things that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. If you need to forgive someone, forgive them and find freedom in yourself.

Allow those transactions to be something of the past and don’t allow bitterness to follow you into this new season. If there is something you have been holding onto that weighs you down, leave it with the month of September and let October be your month of redemption.  

The changing of months and changing of seasons isn’t just for letting go, though. The new moments to come in this season allow opportunity for you to do new things. Begin that lifestyle change with tenacity, try a new hairstyle, start that podcast, do what it is that your heart is yearning for: be bold in these moments and live without hesitation.

We are not looking forwards to these new seasons just so we can celebrate the customs that come with them. We are looking forward to change and becoming closer to the person we truly are.

As each season comes and goes, we are shedding older versions of ourselves, gaining new experiences and new joys. Leave your past in September, and welcome October with a new sense of freedom; give yourself the opportunity to become one step closer to discovering all you can be. Goodbye September and so long, let’s give October all we have; now is the time to begin again.  

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