With the current fall season and the imminent winter, many people seem to be enjoying this time of year and anticipating December as the semester ends. But, the reasons people like these colder seasons are flawed.

Around the end of the spring, I always hear people saying how they cannot wait for the fall and winter. The main reason for this anticipation tends to be because people enjoy the weather during these seasons.

Although, when most people look back fondly on fall and winter, they do not reflect on getting their fingers frozen, having a runny nose after being outside in the cold or scraping ice off of their car. What people remember are the fun and fulfilling experiences during these colder months, such as spending time with family and friends during the holidays, getting comfy in the warmth of one’s home or sipping hot chocolate. This is what sparks happiness, not the weather.

Nothing about the weather drives people to jump for joy when late September rolls around. People are not waking up one December morning wanting to dash out of the door into the cold wind. People are wanting to enjoy the holiday breaks, try new coffee flavors, wear cheesy sweaters and fuzzy socks and take part in gift-giving at the end of the year.

These types of experiences are what I associate with the fall and winter months of the year. The cold is just one downside of these months that I have to deal with when taking part in the fun and festivities.

I remember the fun times I have had during the fall and winter seasons, not the fact that I was freezing during these fun times.

Lower temperatures do not spark excitement for these experiences. The cold is just an issue people have to bear to enjoy most of these opportunities that come from the fall and winter months.

Don’t get me wrong, throughout my life, I have always enjoyed activities that actually result from the colder weather, such as playing in the snow. But even during these activities, the cold was the one aspect I was not enjoying, as I had to wear heavy clothing that limits mobility and make sure my head was covered with a giant hood, earmuffs and a scarf.

I will agree that some of the fun experiences, such as drinking hot chocolate and watching movies while covered by multiple blankets, are better when it is colder outside. No one wants to snuggle up near a fireplace or wear adorable matching gloves and hats when it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

But when someone attributes his or her happiness solely to the fact that temperatures are dropping, I feel he or she is not looking at the bigger picture.

If not given the choice of spending time outside in perfect 80 degree temperature, I would definitely prefer the colder seasons over the blazing summer, and sometimes spring, heat. But that does not mean I want to face the lesser of two evils for a quarter of the year.

Even though the first few weeks free from the heat are enjoyable, that enjoyment does not last long. After awhile during the cold season, I always find myself waiting for the spring to pop up again.

Regardless of the weather and temperature, I feel there still are a few fun activities, which are popular during the colder seasons, that can be done during the warmer days. Whether it be spending time with friends or family or relaxing at home, there are different ways for people to have fun despite how cold it feels on a given day.

No matter the temperature outside, people are going to try to enjoy themselves any chance they get. How cold or hot it is outside will not change that fact.

Especially with the unpredictable and ever-changing Lubbock weather, people should not set their experiences based off what the forecast looks like.

No matter how cold it gets, temperature has no effect on one’s experiences during the fall and winter.

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