Multicultural Greek life is one aspect of college that can seem a bit overwhelming as a new student. There is a sort of pressure on students to join considering it tends to be portrayed in movies as only parties and getting into trouble.

However, many people involved in Greek life would certainly disagree. Like anything else, the experience is what you make it and can be extremely beneficial if one is actively involved. Greek life has allowed me to learn much more about myself and helped me to grow as a leader.

Many organizations allow students to take advantage of new leadership opportunities that will help them transition in higher positions with ease. I was a charter member for my organization which put me in a leadership role. However, this also forced me to step up and help my sisters out. I now feel like I am committed to our organization and this leadership position allows me to work hard to improve myself so I represent our organization in the best way possible.

Another aspect of the experience that is very special to me is that members of these organizations are members for life. I always have a family I can rely on no matter what school they go to. It does not matter how far they are; they will still be there to support and encourage me even if I have never even met them in person. That aspect of sisterhood was something that I fell in love with and I feel very grateful to be a part of.

The relationships I have formed through this experience have left a lasting impact on me and they allow me to experience a unique type of relationship that I have never had before.

Being the oldest child, I have always wanted to have an older sister to guide and support me like I do for my little sister. The relationship I have with my big allows me to experience this and it is a relationship I cherish so much. I want to be able to provide that support and love for someone else that may not have that sibling relationship.

Education is a priority to all organizations as it is understood that students attend college to gain a higher education. I know that Greek life has in fact forced me to work harder academically as a way to almost prove to myself that I can balance multiple things. I am also a leader in my organization which means I have to set a good example for all those who hear about us. I want people to know that success in school is very important to us and is held in high regard.

Greek life also allows members to grow personally as many of these organizations have a philanthropy they focus on. My organization has allowed me to learn about many non-profits around the Lubbock area and has gotten me more involved in the Lubbock community.

This allowed me to learn about different ways that I can get involved and has given me a new perspective and appreciation on the so-called necessities of life. Many organizations value tradition and building young men and women into respectable members of society.

My organization is no different. We value things such as academic excellence, interpersonal growth, moral development, and strength in unity. These values can mean something different to each individual, but they allow each sister to form their own views on how they uphold them. Being able to grow into women that fit these definitions helps us grow into respectable members of society.  

Things such as relationship, educations and excellent character are very important aspects of these organizations and are held in very high regard. These organizations provide ways for members to make friends and encourage their members to grow throughout their college career.

Greek life has been a defining part of my college experience, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to participate in an organization that allows me to grow into a better person.

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