College students are some of the busiest people around. They are constantly doing schoolwork, looking for jobs or internships, or working to pay their tuition. However, many still find time to volunteer in their local communities.

Many extracurriculars make this a focal point of their organizations because volunteering is a way to grow morally and college campuses provide a big number of volunteers.  Not only is volunteering a way to build a resume, but it also gives students a way to see a different side of their college towns.

Volunteering among college students is not uncommon. Many students make it a priority to volunteer in their college towns because it is a way for them to grow morally and professionally. A report on GoodCall mentions that 82 percent of employers are more likely to choose a resume with volunteer experience listed. Volunteer work shows dedication and selflessness which are both attractive to employers.

Volunteer work also allows one to make connections not only with the group of volunteers but also those involved in the organization.

Making time in one’s schedule to participate in volunteer work shows good time management skills which can help one become more productive. Good time management skills are crucial to living a well-balanced life and taking the time to make volunteering a priority is a great way to build an amazing habit.

Networking and making connections are crucial to having a successful career. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make relationships with people one might not have had the opportunity to otherwise. People volunteering in groups often have to work together thus forcing them to meet new people.

Volunteering also a way for people to grow morally and be a part of something bigger than themselves. It allows students to see a new part of their college towns and see the needs of the new community. It is important for students to understand that they are a part of multiple communities and all those communities need their help in order to grow.  

Communities that students are a part can limit their perspective. Allowing oneself to be exposed to different parts of a community helps one to gain a new understanding of the community and the people that make it great. Volunteering also allows one to reevaluate all the things they’ve taken for granted and gain a new appreciation for the little things in life.

Volunteering time is a really great way for students to learn about problems in their college towns as well. They expose themselves to these organizations set on solving or providing relief for some type of problem within the community.

These problems may have been unknown to students before and allow students to learn more about the way communities are impacted by these problems.

Taking the time to learn about the things that effect their community also helps students to become better citizens and advocate for change. Being active in one’s community allows one to learn more about the people in the community and the concerns that they may share with them. In this way students are able to understand how certain things affects certain people and use their voice and their time to make change.

The personal benefits of volunteering are clear. Therefore, volunteer work should find it’s way into everyone’s schedule. It is easy to convince oneself that they have no time or that something else takes priority; however, committing to one or two hours on a Saturday morning can mean a week of help for someone else.  

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