Organizations across campus are out tabling trying to recruit members. Extracurricular activities are always presented as a way to get more involved either on campus or in the community. It is always a good thing to join clubs in order to develop relationships with others as well as develop a sense of belonging.

Extracurricular activities allow for personal growth and a chance to enhance leadership skills. These organizations can also serve as a way to strengthen social skills, diversify thinking and help a student grow professionally.

Extracurriculars are beneficial to a student’s social skills considering the simple fact that they allow them to meet new people. Meeting new people helps grow one’s social circle thus forcing social skills to be improved upon. It is easy to isolate oneself while in school trying to stay on top of a personal schedule.

However, knowing there are people to rely on is something that can take tension off a student. An article published by Mountain High Academy mentions that spending time with others that have similar interests is beneficial to students. It allows them to bond with and learn new skills from others, helps to strengthen their personable skills and allows them to experience different kinds of relationships with individuals. Extracurriculars provide a support system with reliable people who can help students through any struggles they may face and keep them accountable, which in turn helps promote success.

Meeting new people is not only a way to enhance social skills, but also a way to expose oneself to diverse perspectives. Having similar interests as the people one associates with is important but how people view those interests can be different, and exposing oneself to new kinds of thinking can greatly change the way a student looks at different situations.

A posting on The Educator explains the ways students learn from each other and how this can change their point of view on life in general. College is a crucial time in a student’s life: they are alone for the first time without their parents telling them this or that, meaning that they can take the time to discover who they are and what they believe about the world.

Diversifying one’s circle can help develop those beliefs in a positive way, allowing the student to learn more about how their beliefs affect those around them. The student grows individually while simultaneously becoming more considerate of other feelings and beliefs.

While developing better social skills and diversifying one’s circle can be beneficial to individual growth, extracurricular organizations can also help students grow professionally. Being involved in an organization displays one’s passion and dedication to their interests which is important to many employers.

An article published on World Education Services lists time management, success and separation of academics as the ways that extracurricular activities can strengthen a resume. Time management is huge aspect of participating in extracurricular activities and teaches students how to better plan time to complete tasks so they don’t have to sacrifice activities they enjoy.

College can be an extremely overwhelming time for a student feeling the pressure of internships, jobs, schoolwork and participating in extracurriculars. All of these tasks on a schedule can make it seem like there is not enough time in the day to complete all of them.

However, putting oneself in a position to be able to learn to balance daily responsibilities with other interests is a great skill to develop and can help one prepare for an even busier schedule as they transition from their college career into their professional career.

Extracurricular activities obviously provide a way to make friends, but they also provide a platform for growth and development. These organizations affect students in positive ways and allow students to experience their campus in a unique way. Extracurricular activities provide many opportunities for students to pursue their passions or find new passions to pursue.

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