Halloween is such a fun time for all ages as everyone loves to dress up and participate in Halloween activities. Every fall semester, college students look forward to the weekend where they can dress up, go out, compete in costume contests, participate in handing out candy or even go trick-or-treating themselves. Whatever your flavor is and however you like to spend your Halloween, I am sure wearing a costume is in the cards at some point.

But what happens if you do not have enough time to conjure up a costume, or what if you are just low on funds and going all out for a costume was not in your top priority for the month? Don’t worry. Here are some easy male and female budget costumes that you can create in one afternoon with almost little to no expense.  

One costume idea is the Brawny mascot. Who is this you may be wondering? It is based on the Brawny paper towel brand and their mascot.  For this costume, all you need is a roll of napkins, a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans and a belt. It really is that easy and while you walk around with a roll of paper towels, you may be the night’s hero by cleaning up any accidents or spills your night might bring.

Another costume idea is the “We Can Do It” icon, Rosie the Riveter. Everyone knows the “We Can Do It” woman is based off a poster created in 1943 to promote female worker morale.

This poster was also widely used during the 80s to promote positive feminism and strength. This costume is almost too easy. Just grab your favorite blue jeans, a blue jean jacket or top, tie up your hair with a red bandana, put on some red lipstick, show off your awesome muscles and take your best picture.  

Another easy idea is literally any superhero. This one works for both females and males, and I am not over exaggerating when I say that you can be any superhero you want to be. Find your nearest Walmart and buy one of their $5 superhero shirts that you can find in the clothing section. After this, grab a cape that matches your superhero and put on your choice of bottoms depending on the type of look you are going for. For instance, if I wanted to be superman, I would grab his shirt along with a red cape, put on a blue jean skirt, some white converse and call it a night.  

Another option is to be any sports player. Even if you do not have any sportsman like jersey yourself, I am sure if you ask around, someone will have either a jersey or shirt. Now, if the team is not necessarily your favorite team, it is only one night and it is worth the last-minute costume. Just throw on the shirt or jersey, and again—any bottoms you want! If you are a male, some classic blue jeans with your favorite sneakers would work. If you’re a female, I would throw on some spandex or shorts with some calf length socks. Again, it does not matter what the bottoms are, as long as you are comfortable with whatever you are wearing. After this, apply some black paint under your eyes and hit the festivities.

An option for you and your friends is a group costume. Does anyone remember “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” from a childhood favorite, “The Cat in the Hat”?  Well, this is a great last-minute group costume. Whether there’s just two of you or five of you, this last-minute costume is budget friendly and can work for any group. Red shirts are ideal for this costume but if it’s a large group, different color shirts will work too. Then, you can either print the “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” logo’s - add more numbers as needed- and paste it to your shirts. Or, you can get some markers and simply write it on your shirts. With this, add a cute blue tutu and throw some glitter in your hair. If this isn’t your taste, some blue jeans will work just fine.  

One last option is to be a birthday girl or boy. How fun would it be to dress up like it is your birthday on Halloween night? Just throw on your best outfit, get a birthday sash, crown and whatever else you like to accessorize with for your birthday, and be ready to welcome all the “Happy Birthday’s” that come your way.

These costume ideas are just some quick, simple and budget friendly costumes that you can gather up in one trip to the store or around your house. Have a very safe Halloween and I’m sure whatever you choose as your costume, it will be a great one.  

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