Thanksgiving is a holiday to enjoy time with family over good food and reflect on all the things to be thankful for. This holiday is also typically associated with the stress of making tons of food for a large group and the hectic shopping of Black Friday. However, it is crucial to remember how much we have to be thankful for and how fortunate we are to live the lives we do.

It is easy to get bogged down with the stresses of everyday life and think that no one has it as hard as you. No one knows your situation more than you, which can make it hard to stay thankful. Being thankful and expressing gratitude can take some time, but it is such a wonderful skill to learn. Gratitude can be shown in many ways and be tailored to each person. Crafted with Love reports on ways that people feel appreciated and the ways to best express each of these. 

Obviously, you know the people you are trying to thank best and should speak honestly about the ways you appreciate them, but these love languages can help you express your gratitude in a way that will have a bigger impact on them. 

The first love language is simple but can be a way to absolutely make someone’s day. Words of affirmation make people feel noticed and appreciated. You can show this to someone by simply complimenting their outfit or by telling them one of your favorite qualities about them. This can definitely put a smile on their face and will let them know that you are paying attention to what they are doing and making them feel noticed. 

The second love language is acts of service. This is one way to let a person know that you see things they need done and will make them feel understood. These things could be as simple as doing a household chore that needs to be done or something more intimate like cooking a meal for them. 

The third love language is receiving gifts. Now, we might think this would be a way that all people like to receive love. I mean, who doesn’t like getting presents? However, it is about the gifts that are received that make this act special. Gifts that meet a need or are given with extreme thought and genuineness are the gifts the person receiving them will remember. These gifts can be like small as something as flowers, but when given with a genuine and thoughtful heart, can make a huge impact. 

The fourth love language is quality time. Spending time with people is necessary in order to grow a relationship with them. Spending time interacting with them and conversing with them makes them feel understood, like their own time is not wasted in this relationship. 

The fifth love language is physical touch. I know this is hard one for many people because many like to classify themselves as “not a hugger.” However, giving people a hug to comfort them is a great way to let them know that you are at least there and ready to listen to them. It is also a great way to show their efforts do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

All these things make people feel loved and understood. Gratitude is a different emotion but can still be expressed in many different ways. We all have people in our lives that we appreciate and cherish and want to be able to provide the world for. Practicing expressing gratitude and appreciation will not give the people we love everything they want, but it can mean everything to them. 

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