On Feb. 9, the 92nd Academy Awards were hosted at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. This event has a variety of celebrities in attendance from the actors and actresses nominated in the ceremony to the surrounding public of VIP.s who have been invited to the awards.

The Academy Awards, more commonly known as The Oscars, are awards given to departments and people in the film industry who have shown proficiency in their films of the past year. The event is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) who have hosted the event since its first ceremony back in 1929.

This past year has brought us a number of great films that have captivated audiences and given the Academy a lot to consider for the spots in the nomination pool.

There are a series of requirements that a film has to fill to be nominated,including a feature-length run time (over 40 minutes), video and audio requirements, showings in Los Angeles for consecutive weekends and must be advertised and marketed within L.A.

The big five categories (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay) have a lot of the same films, all of which are good nonetheless. Films spanning the five categories include “The Irishman,” “Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood,” “Marriage Story,” “1917” and “Joker.” The one film that has a good chance and the best in the categories has to be the Korean thriller, “Parasite,” which has been praised for its story and the message hidden within.

Over the past few years, the Academy has experienced a great bit of criticism based on their nominations, or lack thereof, of more diverse films, directors or actors.

According to The New York Times, with four years dedicated to the diversification efforts made, there is still a majority to the pool with 68 percent of the nominees being male and 84 percent being primarily white.

This diversity problem has been the reason why many people dislike and boycott the Oscars; with a growing world, it is hard to believe there are not more diverse choices for the nominees. This does not mean that there are not women or those of different ethnicities not making movies: it is the fact that they are not made more aware of, like the big blockbuster movies that rule the movie theaters during the year.

The most upsetting Oscar snub, a film or person that was not given a nomination, of the year was Greta Gerwig, the director of “Little Women,” and her not being nominated for the award of Best Director. It wasn’t just her, there were a number of women not nominated for Best Director as the nominees are all men.

One of the good nominations in the pool has to be Antonio Banderas’ nomination for his role in the Spanish film, “Pain and Glory” or “Dolor y Gloria,” where he played a film director suffering from a physical ailment and reminiscing on his life.

This film was extremely beautiful, not only representing Spanish filmmakers but also representing an LGBT character in the spotlight in the film. This film is a standout, not just because it is brave to do a film like this, but because it had a story so true at heart.

Films like “Pain and Glory” are what we need in theaters, films that tell stories that hide in the crowd. We have to be the ones to bring them into the light and appreciate them for what they are; stories so beautiful yet so heartbreaking that tell the truth about our world.

Yes, this year was a great year for film, but the Academy needs to look beyond the blockbusters and see the films that show different perspectives of our world through the eyes of everyone: men, women, black, white, gay, or straight. Every story deserves to be told, and each is one in a million.

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