It either felt like it came too fast or took its time teasing us with those rare, sunny, warm days that would occur every now and then. 

However, spring break is amongst us, and the thought of taking a week off from early morning grinds and late-night study sessions is so refreshing. Getting on those flights and taking off to the beach or driving to the nearest mountain to ski is something many have been planning since the semester started. 

While these thoughts are exciting, what about those who have decided to stay in Lubbock for the break? Don’t worry, you can still have an exciting and refreshing break if you are staying in the area during this time. While Lubbock may not seem like the most exciting spring break destination spot, the adventure truly is in what you make of it. There are many experiences west Texas can provide for you this spring break. 

For starters, a day spent hiking or a few nights spent camping is as outdoors as it can get. Everyone wants to feel that fresh air and sunshine during spring break, and Palo Duro Canyon can offer all those things.  

Located about an hour and a half away from Lubbock, Palo Duro is known as “The other Grand Canyon” as it is the second largest canyon in the country. There a multitude of options for camping out at Palo Duro, including tent sites, cabins and RV parking. Just grab some friends and take a hike or plan a few nights under the stars in one of nature's amazing creations. 

If Palo Duro is still too far to go camping for you, another option is to camp right at Lubbock’s very own lake. Buffalo Springs Lake can be just as fun as camping at the canyon if you bring the right people and the right mindset. It also has something Palo Duro does not—two man-made “beaches.” You don’t have to go all the way to the coast to experience a beach, Lubbock has it here for you; you can boat, jet ski or just hangout on the sands. Buffalo Springs Lake also has multiple nature trails and a small golf course located around the beaches. 

If you’re looking for something in a more relaxed environment and aren’t much of a golfer like myself, then The Range is the perfect place for you to hang out this spring break. Shooting golf balls freely without all the technicalities of golf and hanging out with some live music can make for the perfect night. 

In this relaxed environment, you can enjoy a rustic charm with some soothing tunes, great drink specials and affordable tee time. There are also washer pits and other outdoor games to take advantage of.  

Speaking of great drink specials, there are some great winery and margarita tours happening this spring break in Lubbock. Keep note, this one is just for those of age and you must keep your ID on you at all times.  

The Margarita Crawl Lubbock is happening March 14 beginning at Flippers Tavern. In this event, you will visit multiple venues with your ticket you purchased online and experience sweet drink specials all day long. Tickets can be found on Eventbrite or the event’s Facebook page.  

If you aren’t much of a tequila person, then don’t worry—there will also be a Spring Break Patty’s Day Tour on March 17. At this event, you will be visiting two different wineries in Lubbock all while traveling by limo in the span of four hours. Tickets for this event are priced at $75 dollars but include all wine tasting and your sweet limo ride. Tickets can be purchased at 

While all this touring sounds fun, if you aren’t 21 then there is a disadvantage for a few of the events. No worries, Lubbock still has more to offer than alcoholic beverages. Different activities like the Altitude Trampoline Park, skating rinks, Lubbock escape rooms, paint ball and Main Event are all fun attractions you can take advantage of this spring break. Now is the time to discover all the amazing things Lubbock has for you. 

Whatever adventure you decide to take this spring break, just remember the experience is all up to you and whatever you make of it. Having a positive mindset and allowing yourself to enjoy your well-earned time off is the most important thing. Even if you just decided to spend your week catching up on all the sleep you’ve lost during the semester, then take full of advantage of it. Your spring break should be enjoyed the way you want it to. Be safe and spend your time off just the way you intend to.  

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