The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes family time which we all know can go awry at any moment. We all know putting a bunch of people in one room can lead to some colorful conversations, some of which can lead to arguments thus ruining the fun family holiday. It is important to practice good communication skills at all times, but sometimes the best way to deal with family may be to stop talking.

I know my family is no different with many of them being elderly and having something to say, but last year, my mother came up with a solution that kept us all entertained and happy.

As simple as it may seem, all we did was play a game. The game was LCR or Left Center Right, and all you do is roll a dice and move your chips to either the left, center, or the right. It was such a simple game and we played with Heresy’s kisses instead of chips, but it was able to keep my 17-year-old sister and my 86-year-old great uncle entertained. Simple activities that keep people entertained without allowing too much competition are a great way to get all family members to spend some quality time together.

Having engaging activities is a great way to spend some time together but also simple things like putting on a Christmas movie or getting everyone to watch the football game together is a great way to bond with family and avoid any heated conversations.

I know avoiding conflict and not dealing with things is usually not smiled upon, but sometimes keeping quiet is the best solution.

Finding another activity to do outside is another great way to get the family bonding going. It can be as simple as playing in the leaves or going on a walk around the neighborhood, or going to a park or even just hanging out in the backyard can relieve some tensions.

All these things seem like simple things to do, but I also understand it is not that easy. Tactfully avoiding controversy is also a smart move. Thinking of a neutral subject matter seems like the easiest way to go, but changing the subject is also a great way to avoid conflict. Maybe starting a game of twenty questions could help dissolve any tension as silly as it may sound.

Avoiding conflict can be a tough situation to navigate, and I know that it tends to be easier to shut down or run away in order to avoid it, but it is important to keep in mind that communication is the key to solving this problem.

Communication is an important factor when trying to resolve conflict, but it takes all those involved to cooperate in order to try and come to a resolution. Understanding everyone is entitled to their own opinion and also understanding it is not OK to judge someone based on the opinion they have can help guide the way to get out of any uncomfortable situations.

No one likes to fight with their family, but it happens all the time. Everyone is different and is bound to butt heads at some point or another. Whether you are directly involved in the conflict or if you are an innocent buffer in the middle of the situation, taking the time to avoid the issue from escalating is important and might just be able to save your holiday. Take the time this season to think of ways to get your whole family engaged in some holiday fun and maybe you will be able to have that one good dinner.

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