Mateo Rosiles

Hi, Red Raiders.

As the editor-in-chief of The Daily Toreador, I want to thank you, the Red Raider community, for coming to us for your on-campus news. From the pandemic to the beginning of the school we call home, we have been right there alongside you, covering your milestones.

But while we have been covering the news aspect of campus, we have also gotten to know the campus community, both on the Texas Tech and Health Sciences Center campuses, telling the stories of our diverse student population who have shaped this institution of higher education into what it is today. 

We may have changed our names over the course of 96 years; The Toreador from 1925 to 1965 and The University Daily from 1966 to 2005; however, one thing remains consistent: our dedication to reporting the news to the campus community.

Ever since our first editor-in-chief Harry Montgomery was in office, we have remained steadfast in what the publication was founded on: an independent student-led publication for the student body on campus. 

I want to thank you, whether you are a current, future or former Tech student. You are the reason we write and the reason we dedicate our lives to the world of journalism, so thank you.

To those who have held any editorial board or staff positions, we want to thank you. You have paved the way for us to be in our positions today. Our predecessors found their successors and passed the mantle of responsibility to them, and in time, we will do the same.

I, my editorial board and my staff know we are the caretakers of 96 years worth of history, and in doing so, we pledge to continue to uphold the values of The Daily Toreador and will always strive for honor in everything we publish. We pledge to continue reporting on and to the campus community and striving for accuracy in every story we write. 

We pledge that we will not let the torch of The Daily Toreador burn out, but rather have it flourish while in our care. So celebrate with us 96 years of history as we look forward to our and the university’s centennial birthday in the coming years. 

Happy Birthday to The Daily Toreador. Here is to another 96 years of covering Tech news.


Mateo Rosiles, Editor-in-Chief

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