Red Raiders, welcome back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, it’s good to see students, faculty and staff back on campus. My name is Chase Seabolt, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Toreador this year. 

When we left for spring break, we assumed we would still be having a print edition in the spring. As an editorial board, we just assumed we would get a little bit extra on our spring break. Turns out, we got a five and a half month break from being on campus. 

Being gone from campus for so long allowed us to focus more on our online and social media presence. Knowing that most college students get their news from social media and the internet led us to focus on it even more than we had before. With that being said, there will be a slight change to our print schedule this year. 

We will print physical copies of our back-to-school issues on Aug. 24 and 27. However, starting the second week of school, we will only be printing once a week on Thursdays until further notice. 

While it was not a decision we made lightly or happily, there are some positives it opens up for us. 

With one print edition a week, we will be able to produce more in-depth package editions, and it will also allow for us to be able to create more interesting print editions. 

We will also be able to focus more on our social media and online presence, while creating engaging content for everyone. You can stay up to date on Facebook (The Daily Toreador), Twitter (@DailyToreador, @DT_Photo and @TheDT_Sports) and Instagram (@dailytoreador). 

We will also be hosting a weekly podcast, The Matador Beat, starting next week, and will also have a weekly Raider Rundown to recap each week’s events featuring our Digital Content Manager, Madeline Diffee, as the host. 

Although there will be many changes to our physical copy of the newspaper, we are looking forward to revamping our online edition and are excited to keep Red Raiders up-to-date on the latest campus news and events. As things continue to change on campus throughout the semester, we promise to deliver the news as quickly as possible.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at or call (806) 742-3395

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