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It is easier said than done, but as college students we need to brush up on politics. Not only are we the next generation to be in government positions, but state and local politics affects us the most at the moment. 

A topic that is prevalent in our lives is abortion. It is a constant circulating topic that affects students. Whatever your stance may be on the topic, it is important to know who actually runs these laws. Instantly, we connect the topic to our Texas governor, Greg Abbott; however, Lubbock has had its own elections with regards to abortion. 

However, not enough students knew about the “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinance that happened right in front of our eyes. If anything, more people that are not affected by the ordinance voted for the ban of abortions.

This is only a sliver of local politics happening that affect students. It is important to know what is going on because on the local level, that is what affects students the most. 

While, of course, state politics trickle down and have an impact on citizens as whole, it is important to remember that before we are state citizens, we are local citizens that should take part in local government. 

Students’ priorities are on other topics at the moment, but at least some attention should be on politics. This is a lot for me to even admit, but politics are important to understand.

Politics aren’t just for conversation starters. They’re important because governments can do whatever they want when no one is stepping forward or changing the polices. 

As younger people who are shaping the future, it is crucial that we at least know who our local politicians are. The research is easy to do, and finding out what role politicians have in our everyday lives is simple to find out too. 

The City Officials Directory website allows users to search their cities and districts and find out who runs in governmental positions. It does not take long to find the mayor, chief of police and city council members, who are closer in contact than the president of the United States.

These representatives can be your voice when speaking to higher officials. Whatever message needs to conveyed can be conveyed through the representatives for your cities to state officials and then on a federal level. 

Students’ voices deserve to be heard, but they have to utilize the tools that are given, even as far as going to local government events. Every month the mayor has “Coffee with Mayor,” where you can express your concerns and hopes for Lubbock. 

Mayor Dan Pope then acts as the messenger and uses his role to fix problems and concerns. It all starts with us. 

It is a ripple effect when it comes to politicians. Once someone voices their opinion to the representative, it only works it way up.

COVID-19 opened eyes for some people of what kind of country they live in. 

Whether negative or positive, there was attention directed towards politicians. Students who are now of age are in charge of their future, which means knowing about local politics and how it impacts their lives. 

It does not take long to do a little research on the people that represent you. In a sense, our future is in their hands, which is why starting now rather than later to do the research on government officials can guarantee a better future.

These laws, policies and ordinances are not just for older generations but they are for all citizens. Now is the time to pay full attention to the people that speak for all and making sure they speak accurate truths.

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