On Sept. 2, one of my close friends tested positive for COVID-19, and since I had been with her the day before she tested positive, I went and got myself tested as well. I tested negative, but was still required to self-quarantine for the standard 14 days. 

I already had plans to go home to Wichita Falls for Labor Day weekend, and after I received my test results, I decided to simply extend my plans for the necessary two weeks. I decided it was a good idea for me to spend that time with my family, and I didn’t want to be by myself in the dorms. 

My isolation experience has been both really comforting and nice, and also really challenging and boring. I’ve had to adjust to doing all my classes online, and had to figure out how I could stay up-to-date and successful in them. I’ve also had to figure out how to maintain my job with The Daily Toreador three hours from campus. 

Having to do all my schoolwork online hasn’t been too challenging. It’s nice being able to go at my own pace, as only a couple of my classes actually meet via Zoom, and the rest are simply reading PowerPoints and doing the assignments by their due dates. 

I’ve also been able to complete my assignments from the comfort of my home, and my pets keep me company. I have had to deal with the occasional cat lying on my keyboard, however.

It has been a bit difficult figuring out how to stay successful in doing my job. I’ve had to contact sources via email or phone call, and it can be a bit annoying having to wait for the responses. That part has been stressful, but it hasn’t been impossible thanks to my coworkers, who are willing to help out with anything I need.

My family is also available to help me with anything I need, which has been a really nice advantage. Because I’ve been isolating, they’ve been setting me up with all the necessities, and have been helping me keep track of my health to make sure I don’t develop any COVID-19 symptoms. It’s also been nice just to see them again and spend some time with my family again. 

My isolation experience has also taught me that I’ve really come to like Lubbock, and I really want to be back. I miss the city, and the Texas Tech campus.

I miss all my friends, and even though we’re in constant communication with each other, I can’t wait to be back in person with them. Having to take my classes online has also made me miss actually being in class, and I can’t wait to see all my professors in person once more. 

Having to be back home has also forced me to take a break from the Goin’ Band from Raiderland, an organization I’ve really come to love. I miss being a part of it, and I’m so thankful I’m not going to miss the first game. The band is another reason why I’m so excited to come back to Lubbock. I’m ready to be a part of it again. 

I’m also weirdly excited to be back in my dorm room. It’s become my home away from home, and I don’t have any concerns about living in them again. I just hope that Housing is doing what they can to keep its residents safe, and that it’ll all work out. 

Overall, having to self-quarantine hasn’t been the worst experience. It’s been a bit boring, and a little challenging, but I’m thankful I’m not sick, and that I’m not spreading the disease to others. 

I’m glad I got to spend some extra time with my family, but I’m ready to be back in Lubbock, back in my classes, back with the band, back in The Daily Toreador newsroom and back with my friends. 

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