Importance of emotional support animals

Coming home from a long school day, exhaustion overwhelms my body and mind. As I enter my room and lay on my bed, four small paws creep upon my blankets, seeking a warm body to nap on.

My cat MeowMeow is one of my main sources of comfort. As her loud purrs fill the silence of a tiresome day, the soft vibrations produce a healing sensation and I feel a sudden peace.

Starting college is an experience that carries a huge weight of emotions. Fear and excitement clash inside the minds of incoming students; new beginnings may produce new anxieties as well.

Facing these troubles is not always easy to take on alone. It is important for students to have a source of comfort to relieve the stress of school. 

For many, having a pet or pets brings a sense of familiarity and reassurance that alleviate the pressures of university. Animals possess a natural sense of companionship, and their loyal and compassionate nature make them the perfect friend that many students can rely on.

Animals supply relief to students with disabilities; emotional-support animals play a huge role in providing this security. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, emotional-support animals cater to the emotional and psychological needs of students who may suffer from depression, anxiety and other disorders.

Texas Tech follows state and federal laws that comply with allowing emotional-support animals for individuals with disabilities. According to the Texas Tech University Student Disability Services, emotional-support animals are not allowed in academic buildings except residence halls. However, University Housing requires documentation for emotional-support animals in housing.

Furthermore, students with emotional-support animals rely on the necessary guidance that their companions provide. Emotional-support animals ease the tension in students, acting as a breath of fresh air in the form of a furry or scaly companion.

Having a disorder or unwanted feelings is a normal state of mind, and there is no shame in needing help. Many therapeutic techniques rely on the assistance of animals, aware of their powerful effect on people.

By acknowledging the significance of these pets’ guidance, campuses provide a safe environment that aids in the success of many students.

It is vital to the well-being of these students that their animals get proper recognition as a necessary aspect in bettering their lives.

Additionally, pets contribute to the stability in an owner’s life by yielding a responsible nature in students. Having a responsible attitude creates a responsible approach to other duties, including school.

As the semester goes on, the workload of students seems to progress at the same time. Exams and assignments seem to add onto the worries of everyday life.

Students may feel more stressed and become depressed. Even more so, those far from home tend to feel homesick.

These feelings are uncomfortable but natural in their presence. It is okay to seek a helping hand, and for some that may be the introduction to a new pet.

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