When the editorial staff at The Daily Toreador sat down in October to plan this Thursday issue, we knew we wanted to spotlight the issue of sexual assault.

As college students, we see the evidence of rape culture, and as members of the student-run newspaper of Texas Tech, we feel a responsibility to do our part.

As we continued to plan and speak with experts and survivors, we realized it comes back to one issue: consent.

Members of The DT staff traveled to the Student Union building and asked different people on campus what their definition of consent was. Everyone who was asked the question knew the basic meaning of the word.

Everyone’s definitions fall into the same range, but they’re all different, as expressed on page one of this issue.

However, it doesn’t matter what your definition is – it’s OK to say no at any time.

Saying no does not make you a tease, a jerk or a slut.

Saying no does not have to happen before anything starts. You can say no at any time of the interaction.

Saying no also is not only reserved for women. The choice to stop sexual interaction can come from any gender and any sexual orientation.

Saying no is OK. You have a right to say no because it is your body and your decision.

These stories are meant to open that line of communication to allow the conversation of consent to start and to continue.

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