Weston Cleveland

Weston Cleveland is a senior studying animal science with a concentration in pre-veterinary studies at Texas Tech University and serves as the president of the Pre-Vet Society on campus. He is a 2015 graduate of the Texas Military Institute in San Antonio, Texas. 

My name is Weston Cleveland and I’m from Boerne, Texas. I am currently a senior studying animal science with a concentration in pre-veterinary studies at Texas Tech University. World Veterinary Day is this Saturday, April 27, which is important to me because it is my dream to become a veterinarian.

I firmly believe veterinarians are the Lord’s shepherds and becoming a vet will allow me to serve the Lord, as well as my community, how I was intended to. My passion for animals and medicine give me the unwavering dedication to become the best veterinarian I can possibly be. 

I first discovered my passion for working with large animals when I began my job as a feedlot cowboy for Texana Feeders six years ago. In the dead of winter during my first year, I found myself carrying a calf that had nearly frozen to death on horseback and caring for it the rest of the day until it was stable. In that moment I knew no matter what the conditions or circumstances, I would always put the life of an animal before my own. 

I am constantly inspired by the veterinarians I work under. Seeing their work and passion makes me want to become a well-rounded veterinarian and serve my community as well as they do theirs. 

Veterinarians are staples of every community. They are looked up to as heroes, leaders, educators and pinnacles of hope. Everyone will need a veterinarian at some point in their life and it is their job to make sure they leave the community with a positive experience. 

At Texas Tech, I love how dedicated all of the professors are to making sure we soak in as much knowledge and information as possible.

All the professors I’ve had in my four years at Texas Tech have set a high standard of excellence for their students. Grades are certainly not given at Texas Tech; they are earned through hard work. 

Aside from educating me for my future profession, the professors here at Tech are mentors, and have molded me into the man I am today. I have become a confident leader willing to tackle any issue because of them, and am fully prepared to learn by whatever means necessary to succeed.

 As president of the Pre-Vet Society student organization on campus, I have the honor of representing over 150 members who all hope to attend veterinary school. In this role, I constantly hear about the challenges fellow students face with getting into vet school. Two of the biggest concerns are the limited seats available in Texas and the financial burden of attending vet school outside of Texas or the country.   

This is why I believe Texas Tech’s School of Veterinary Medicine would help me by bringing my dream of becoming a veterinarian to fruition in an affordable and timely manner. I support the Texas Tech vet school because it will provide opportunity and hope to thousands of students, like me, who are financially bogged down by being forced to apply to out of state institutions. 

A veterinary school in this region will address these issues, which is why I proudly support this initiative and am asking members of the Texas Legislature and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to place their support behind Texas Tech as well. This program will be without a doubt good for Texas, agriculture and the countless Texas students ,like me, who want to follow their passion and serve their community as a veterinarian.

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