I believe a fundamental step in securing a successful and financially stable career involves pursuing a higher education. 

This is a sentiment I was raised to believe and continue to hold true. People all over the world come to America to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by colleges and universities across the nation. 

Students everywhere work tedious jobs with extensive hours, persistently apply for various scholarships and in some cases are fortunate enough to have parents provide financial assistance to pay their substantial tuition fees.By my own experience, I’ve been taken aback by witnessing friends drop out of college simply due to a lack of motivation, interest or care. 

Make no mistake, I am fully aware there are plenty of legitimate and justifiable causes for a student deciding to drop out; financial stress, a lack of time or even successful business ventures.

I am instead referring to those who don’t believe in the importance of a higher education and leave out of boredom and ignorance—typically under the presumption they will be perfectly fine on their own. This sentiment is very dangerous considering higher education is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury as time progresses. 

The select group of students who lack basic initiative often drop out within their first two years of college without completing their basic required courses. This seems like one of the most imprudent decisions a person could possibly make. For many people, the first two years of college seem monotonous as a consequence of focusing too heavily on taking their basics rather than balancing the scales with classes that will go toward their desired major.

I can understand and even appreciate the logic of starting with these courses, even if I would not personally recommend this. A student may choose this method for a number of reasons. 

They may be unsure of what major they want to pursue, or they may just want their “trivial” courses completed so they can focus exclusively on the courses they are interested in. Simply put, they want to “save the best for last.” 

If this is the case, the decision to drop out of college solely based on the monotony of classes is even more irresponsible and nonsensical. It’s essentially the equivalent to an athlete deciding to walk off the track in the middle of a race despite being a few feet from the finish line. 

These students give up on college without actually witnessing the full experience. If you are considering dropping out of school just because it doesn’t interest you, I urge you to either take more classes that seem appealing or look into other areas and majors. 

There are more people in America attending college today than ever before, which consequently decreases the chances of success for those not enrolled. 

To clarify, college is not for everyone, but if a student has the money, the time and the support, the only thing they lack is a justifiable excuse. College is arguably the most important investment in a person’s life, and it is worthwhile. 

America may be the land of opportunity, but education is the backbone of success. 

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