The state of California is known today for its overwhelmingly Democratic support and rebellious fight against President Trump on the DACA issue. While the inland areas and Northern part of the state are quietly conservative, the massive population of the coastal cities have assured the state has gone in the Democratic column since President Clinton won his first term in 1992.

Many of the recent GOP bills targeting immigration cities have cases coming from the state of California, most notably “Kate’s Law”, which was named after Kate Steinle, a young woman who was gunned down on a San Francisco pier by an illegal alien. So, for being one of the most Democratic states in the union today, I find it quite odd that Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein did not receive her parties support in the California Democratic Convention this past month.

For those familiar with Senator Feinstein, she was elected to the Senate in 1992 and has been an outspoken advocate for gun control ever since. Feinstein was a champion of the Automatic weapons ban of 1994 and was a supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

The Senate GovTrack’s Political Spectrum has listed Feinstein as a rank-and-file Democrat for years. She consistently receives Liberal scores based on voting records at the top of her party. listed her in 2016 as the 87th least conservative Senator in front of Al Franken, Barbra Boxer, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Feinstein is also known to vote with her party upwards of 95% of the time. So that leaves one to wonder, why would Democrats not support her bid for re-election?

The answer is quite simple: Feinstein said she “thinks Donald Trump could be a good president…”

In the time since she made the comment, her challenger, Kevin Deleón, has attacked Feinstein mercilessly saying, “Democrats deserve a progressive senator who fights on the front lines… leadership comes from human audacity, not from congressional seniority.”

Anyone that pays close enough attention to politics would know that Senator Feinstein and President Trump are incredibly far from agreeing on much of anything. In fact, they are pretty close to polar opposites.

However, I believe there is something to be said for Feinstein’s comments. In an age of ever growing political polarization and deadlock in the government, it is truly remarkable for a far left-wing senator to give the far right-wing president a chance to do good for our country.

It takes a true believer in democracy and bi-partisan compromise to take that step. While not a fan of Senator Feinstein when it comes to policy, for her comments on President Trump she has earned my respect, and I wish her the best of luck in her bid for re-election.

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No such Feinstein quote as the one presented in the column exists. If the quote did indeed exist as presented, contextualizing it within the speech it was said to have been uttered would be more appropriate.

Nonetheless, it’s fitting that Democrats offer conservatives an example of bipartisanship since the Republican Party has lurched much further to the right relative to Dems lurching to the left. Also, keep in mind that Dems are in the minority whereas Republicans in the majority under Obama rejected bipartisanship as a wholesale strategy.

According to Pew Research, moderate and conservative leaning Dems make up a majority of Dems over liberal leaning Dems whereas conservative leaning Republicans are the majority of the Republican Party with almost twice the percentage as moderate or liberal leaning Republicans.

California Democrats have held the legislature since 1959. Albeit, Pete Wilson’s and Republican attacks on Hispanics in the 1990’s further damaged the state’s GOP ever since. Trump’s racism and nativist appeals aren’t helping either.

Feinstein may be a liberal stalwart on some issues, but her measured tone against Trump angered more progressive members of the CDP, which is not to say that she doesn’t have a lot of Democratic support in California and stands a very good chance of being re-elected.

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