Before entering my freshman year of high school, there were many thoughts whirling inside my head. Most were of excitement, but some were of fear. The biggest fearful thought spinning around was the thought of having to take an algebra class as someone who isn’t the best at math.

However, those thoughts were quickly put to rest when I remembered the service of tutoring. As many know, a tutor is someone that gives extra guidance and assistance to a problem someone might be having with their coursework.

You usually meet before or after school and work together one-on-one. If someone has done everything they can to get help from their professor, but is still confused, tutoring sessions can help.

Having the opportunity to engage with a tutor and get that extra assistance can make all the difference as a student. Tutoring was what helped me grow in the subject of math.

Attending sessions regularly helped break down confusing concepts piece-by-piece for easier comprehension. Tutoring also helped me see the mistakes I was making in my work and fix them. 

During the current state of the world, most people's stress levels are on the higher side. This stress can come from one’s personal life, but as a student this stress can come from schoolwork.

This shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to receive the help you need to succeed academically in a college setting. These tutors want to help you because it is their job to do so. They also want to see you improve and strive in your classes because it shows them that they are providing actual assistance.

Texas Tech offers tutoring services that are both online and in-person. You can visit The Learning Center on campus for an appointment or visit a link online to do it electronically. The face-to-face option is great if you like to be physically present with someone and if that process is a better learning experience for you.

Online tutoring is also a great option. If you do not live near the campus and need help with your coursework, you can just join an online link on your computer. It also helps if you are on the go during the bulk of your day and cannot make an in-person appointment. 

This tutoring service is also free of charge. That is one of the biggest reasons why students are uncertain about reaching out for tutoring help. There is usually a large price tag that comes with it, but in this case that tag has totally disappeared.

Another interesting aspect to tutoring is that it seems to give students more confidence in the classroom. The confidence students gain from extra help also keeps them dedicated and focused even more with their coursework, according to an article by Tutor Portland.

Overall, more students should consider this type of help if they are struggling with specific topics or classes. I know from my experience of being downright afraid of algebra that tutoring has helped me.

It slowly gave me the confidence to attack that fear of math and ultimately improve in the subject. It’s important that we not only help others during this time, but help ourselves during as well.

College is a great place to develop socially and meet new people, but also we are here to better educate ourselves. When we are able to fully understand a concept and apply it to our work, we are fully succeeding academically.

Tutoring, of course, isn’t the magic spell that will banish the confusion we get in the classroom, but it is something. It will only help us improve academically and truly get rid of some of that college stress.

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