Fortunately, only four people were injured during the Timberview High School shooting that took place on Oct. 6. in Arlington, Texas. What is unfortunate is that it happened in the first place.

The conversation about school shootings has been long discussed, yet no progress has been made. Regardless of the circumstances that led someone to do such a heinous crime, security within public schools should be evaluated.

This process should not include requiring clear backpacks and X-ray scanners, which can sometimes hinder students' privacy; instead, the schools themselves should be not as easy to access as they are. If school shootings are going to happen so frequently in United States public schools, there needs to be better accommodations for students attending.

This goes for all education facilities. Elementary, middle, high school and university. American school systems should not be a place where students need to learn how to take cover if there is a school shooter on campus. That just should not be normal.

If it is going to be a reoccurring problem, action should be taken to create safer spaces for students. That may be providing additional cover and shelter spaces designated to be bulletproof or bulletproof windows in classrooms.

The main measure that has been taken is the enhancement of school security, which is good to have if the threat is small and can be handled by a police officer; however, that is not the case for most, and it most often causes police officer to die in the crossfire.

According to, policies that have been implemented to protect students such as stricter security measures have proven ineffective. While the stricter safety measures help identify possible perpetrators earlier on, no other progress has been made due to those changes made by government officials.

If anything, these updated measures that were implemented to heavily focus on safer schools did more harm than good for students of color, students with disabilities or low income-students, according to the American Progress website. This proves that precautions that have been taken to ensure safer schools are still a work in progress.

While of course the obvious and easiest solution would be to have stricter gun laws in the U.S., Texas is not making any sort of progress in that department as the new unlicensed firearm carry law came into effect on Sept. 1. It feels that are steps being taken backwards when it comes to gun safety in the U.S.

The solution is quite simple, yet always avoided. More guns do not need to be involved when it comes to safety of American citizens.

Yet, that is how it is and therefore, there should be a coat of armor around the most vulnerable places people go. Getting an education is already stressful enough, and for someone’s safety to be taken into consideration when attending class, that should be easily resolved.

To ensure students are not at risk at school, it needs to be done. Having IDs, security checks and police on campus are all good to extent, but does it really change the probability of someone having a gun and injuring someone?

The shootings that happened at a high school can happen anywhere, from an elementary to a college campus. The history of school shootings can prove that.

What needs to be considered as well is how many lives need to be sacrificed for new reconstruction on the safety of students. By law, students need to attend school from kindergarten to high school and therefore need to be protected.

Four were just injured in the recent shooting, but that should not be brushed under the carpet. Where students attend school should be one of if not the safest place a person can be.

That means ensuring safety for student within the facility they attend. If the problem of guns continues on the outside, the inside where students go should then be secured.

It can be possible to prevent school shootings if guns will still be a part of American lives. That just means more extensive measures for education facilities need to be prioritized in order to guarantee safety. It is at least worth students’ lives to give it a chance.

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