As the final semester comes to a close, it is important for students to address safety concerns that may be present around campus. Texas Tech has done a great job at providing safety features across campus to protect its students from any harm that may arise on campus. Many of which have been put to use and have saved students from danger.

One of these safety features is the blue emergency lights that are spread across campus. There are over 120 of these blue lights across the entire Tech campus, however, students have expressed that this number may not be ideal for this particular safety feature. 

The purpose of the blue lights around campus is for students to be able to press and run in the case of an immediate emergency, and campus police are notified of which emergency light has been pressed. The way that this works is in the case of a student being followed, mugged, attacked, or in any sort of harmful position in which they need to run away, students can press the nearest blue light button and run to the next one and so forth. 

Ideally this makes it to where campus police are able to track the student in dangers location and is able to get to where they are as soon as possible and can attend to them more efficiently. 

However, these blue light buttons although seemingly plentiful are fairly spread apart from one another throughout campus. So much so that if a student in danger is to press one button and run to the next, they may not be able to make it in the time that their attacker could potentially get to them in the time they get from one blue light to the next. 

In addition, many of the lights on campus are located in basements or underground areas. Because of this, police officers may not get the signal of a student in danger in these areas with a weak signal.

Placing these emergency buttons closer together would not only aid the students who may be in these dangerous positions, but it would also better help the campus police officers to track the students in need better as well as provide further protection to them.

By installing more emergency blue lights Tech would also be utilizing these buttons in the way they were intended to be used and make things more efficient in preparation for emergencies that may occur on campus. 

Although it would be ideal to not have to worry about some of the more dangerous and alarming events that may occur on campus, it is crucial that both students and administration do their part in making the Tech campus a safe area for students to live and attend. In order to do this, providing students with more of these safety features and making them easier to access, this would alleviate student anxiety and paranoia that may come from campus safety. 

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