The message was obvious and clear in the new Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up,” however it may not be clear enough or gone over many heads. The movie uses satire and clever jokes to poke fun at the world’s response to major disasters.

A thing that we can all understand amidst living in a pandemic for two years is global disasters.

The film is about two scientists trying to warn the world that the world is ending. There is enough time to fix the issue, however, it is so low on anyone’s radar. A comet that is coming to destroy earth just gets closer and closer, without anyone trying to stop it.

It seems like a ridiculous fictional situation as there is no way the world would let that happen. But, the movie brought up good points as to why it’s actually a realistic fiction. Which is why this movie may have gone over people’s heads.

I cringed at some scenes because of how people were portrayed through the film. I see the same reactions to a global pandemic in a fictional movie making fun of the human species. They were supposed to be jokes, but the only thing I found funny was that the director and writers of the movie were spot on.

Elements of the movie were exaggerated but if I were to watch it again, I could match the personalities with people I see today in the media. I understand the goal of the movie and maybe the director tried to give people a subtle message about our society, but I believe that he should have dumbed it down even more.

We are living in a global crisis and people still do not get it. People are continuing to live their lives as if there are not 4.9 million cases of COVID-19 in the US according to the New York Times. There is no difference between the society in the movie and in real life.

This film was not about the pandemic nor was it about one subject.

It was about how any global issue is being ignored to this very day. Climate change, war or world hunger, whatever it may be, selfish tendencies overshadow the big picture.

The movie basically hit way too close to home and yet I fear that it may just be pushed down on people’s radar just like in the film. To really push the narrative, it would have been better if the film lost the comedic factor.

A film can still be just as entertaining with comedic elements, but the message is missed if all there is humor.

At some points, it was nice to relieve the tension of bad news, but the entire movie was supposed to be serious but covered in a joke. That’s great to have in a film but the fact is, when you are trying to get an important message across, it should not be diluted with humour.

The film used it to gloss over the fact that the world could be in the same predicament not long from now. While the film is not about the pandemic, it shows a reflection of the reaction of the pandemic accurately.

I believe that this movie did not consider the audience. Those who would have watched it would have watched it but not taken anything from it. When it was meant to be a call to action, I do not believe it was enough or correspond as such.

The people who watch the film are not the problem. It is those who do not watch it.

 The movie is on a platform for people to casually watch it, but for those who can make the impactful decisions that change the fate of the world, I doubt they will give the movie a glance. Which is actually mocked in the movie as well.

What was an attempt to wake up society and change our way of life continues was overshadowed by the constant comedy.

Although, it was an effort that only a few directors make. The movie has only been out for a few weeks and who knows what impact it could make in the future.

It is a small step to change the future for the world and I praise those who use their creative talents to make a difference in our world.

I hope that after those who watch the film and see past the irony, realize that we have a lot of work to do in order to ensure the world is a better place for the future.

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