I was recently at a Kappa Alpha Psi event recently called, “What Women Want.” People discussed what was attractive to them and what they would want from the opposite sex. I have an answer to this, though: Women don’t know what they want.

I know this for sure because I am a woman. I may very well lose a lot of respect from women out there, but someone has to say this. I won’t say that all women don’t know what they want, but this is a college newspaper and most of my readers are college students. So I will revise this to say that most college women don’t know what they want, just like most college men don’t know what they want.

Actually, let me revise this further to say that we may know what we want, but we just don’t know how to get it. Most women want someone who reminds them of their father in regards to how they treat them. They want someone who is masculine, financially secure and who will take care of them and secure a future for them.

Most men want a respectable woman who may remind them of their mother, though it should be noted that most men would not want to see their mother in a club dancing on the stage every weekend. Neither gender, however, seem to be chasing these types of people.

Women are chasing the bad boys, the sexually attractive men — the men we know aren’t good for us. Men are chasing whatever is getting thrown their way. That is not to say that men don’t have any standards. Men are just sexual creatures.

So we all know that if there are women out there who are “giving the milk for free,” men will take it. There are so many women who are jilted and confused that they think jumping straight into the sack is the way to get the man they want to build a future with, but that’s not the way to go about it.

I am not necessarily saying that we should take the Steve Harvey route and enforce the 90-day rule on when we should have sex. I don’t believe in that at all, actually. Ideally, our parents and our pastors want us to wait until marriage to have sex. I, however, believe we should take that step whenever we are ready.

If you feel that that is when you are married or in love, then that is fantastic. If you feel that you care enough about someone, then go ahead. If you don’t really care about your sexual reputation at all, then fine. You can do that, too.

The thing is, women think too hard about what a man wants from them. What most women don’t understand is that men are simple creatures. If they want you as a girlfriend or future wife, or something serious of that sort, they will say so. They will refer to you as their girlfriend, introduce you to family and friends as such, change a Facebook status or validate the relationship whichever way you may need.

If they don’t think of you that way — if they don’t call you when the sun is up, ask you to go on a date, or refer to you as his woman in any way, shape or form — then that just is not what he wants from you. He wants what you gave him and nothing more — not at this time, at least.

This is not necessarily entirely your fault, as you may have been attracted and decided to act. But what attracts you?

The father of one of my friends went to look at the new 2013 GMC Yukon. He took it for a test drive, and the dealer wanted to sell it to him, but he wouldn’t buy it yet. The car looked good at first because that was how it was presented to him — freshly washed, smelling nice and in working order.

But he needed to do his research about the car first. The moral of the story is not to make investments without doing your research. A nice body and superficial beauty may only be covering up something way more ugly once you get past that initial attraction.

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