It’s something that has recently been swept under the rug, the Obama administration not wanting the damaging details to be known publicly. Then last week, an investigative report by the Spanish-speaking TV station Univision blew this scandal wide open. I’m talking about Fast and Furious.

No, this is not a movie about street racing. You won’t find Vin Diesel anywhere in this story. This is about the United States government directly contributing to the drug violence in Mexico, which has occasionally spilled over onto the north side of the border.

The uproar started after US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in late 2010. It was revealed shortly afterward that guns from the botched Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) operation were found at the scene of Terry’s murder.

Operation Fast and Furious was intended to track the movements and actions of drug cartels by allowing guns to be sold to illegal buyers, which would allow the ATF to track them to the cartels, thereby implicating high-level cartel members.

After the initial uproar following the news of Terry’s death subsided, the Obama administration apparently tried to sweep the story under the rug, especially with the president’s re-election campaign getting closer. Any negative news like this would not be conducive to defeating Mitt Romney.

But now, Univision has brought the issue back into public attention. The story noted that dozens of guns linked to the botched Fast and Furious operation have been found at murder scenes across Mexico. Also noted was the fact that many of the guns were “capable of not only penetrating an armored vehicle but also a whole house from wall to wall.”

Perhaps most damning of all is the assertion in the story that the ATF decided “the only way to track the guns was to wait for weapons to be recovered in crime scenes in Mexico.”

So the ATF decided to wait for people to be killed with the guns before they would track them. Wasn’t the overall goal of the operation to reduce the violence? Instead, the government is now helping to make it worse.

There have been repeated calls by GOP lawmakers for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign from his position in the wake of this scandal. Due to the ATF being a part of the Justice Department, which is lead by Holder, it’s the absolute least that can be done.

Holder’s ineptitude, or at least the ineptitude of his department, has lead to the deaths of countless people in Mexico, as well as one of our Border Patrol agents. Combine this with the many other problems people have with the Justice Department, such as its repeated attempts to block states’ attempts at instituting Voter ID laws, and you have a multitude of reasons for Holder to lose his job.

The reason Holder hasn’t lost his job is that President Obama blocked Congress’ attempts to investigate Holder’s role in the Fast and Furious scandal over the summer. When Congress subpoenaed the documents related to the scandal, Holder refused to turn them over. As Congress decided whether or not to hold Holder in contempt, Obama asserted executive privilege over the documents.

This move essentially backed up Holder’s attempts to keep the documents out of Congress’ hands. Many wondered why Obama would use executive privilege when there was no White House involvement. The obvious answer, it seems, is there was some executive involvement, perhaps even by Obama himself.

Either way, this scandal definitely needs to be the end of Holder’s time as Attorney General, and it should definitely signal the end of Obama’s presidency. It is not likely Obama would be impeached over this, especially with the Senate being under Democratic control.

Obama’s presidency should end because Romney needs to exploit this scandal and use it to his advantage. There is no excuse for the government to operate in this manner. Assisting in the deaths of countless people is not something we want our president to do.

The main problem with this is the media. Everyone talks about Fox News slanting to the right, which is very true, but it seems the rest of the mainstream media slants to the left, meaning you won’t hear much about this scandal. If Obama wants it to be hush-hush, then the media will make sure it’s hush-hush. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow use their MSNBC positions to defend Fast and Furious.

Regardless of what the media does or doesn’t do, this scandal needs to be broadcast to every American for what it is: A blatant misuse of power and a horrible attempt at curbing drug violence. If Romney takes this issue and runs with it, he can run away with the election. With the truth out there, Obama’s media lapdogs will only be able to do so much to help him.

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After reading this OP-ED article about President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder resignation of their current offices,I think you need to begin where the actual conceptual idea came from? Fast and Furious was the brain child of the Bush Administration before he left office, therefore under the Justice Department with his Attorney General at the helm(Alberto Gonzales-2007.) Attorney General Eric Holder did not take office until a one month after President Obama and was not up to current speed of all of the inner working of the Justice department and if you have noticed the ATF-Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms is under the umbrella of the many other departments of the Justice Department. I am sure had attorney general Eric Holder known he would have reviewed it properly and made recommendations of this matter. Remember this incident occur in 2009 and the operation itself was already in full effect, therefore how was any of the actions by the ATF going to be reversed? The Arms were already in play while President Bush was in office! Think about that!


@DarrellJG, Terry was actually killed in December 2010, not 2009. This was nearly two years after Obama took office, so he and his administration should accept full blame. If they didn't like the operation, they could have shut it down. The excuse that Holder didn't know about it is pure BS. As head of the Justice Department, Holder darn well should have known about it. The operation may have been started by the Bush administration, but it was continued by the Obama administration, which should be held responsible.


@DarrellJG, do some more research and you will find that there are MAJOR difference between Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver. Yet another attempt to deflect blame by the left.


This is not another attempt from the left, it is actual evidence of the gun running program which stemmed from the Bush Administration 2006-2011! You are right about the two different gun running programs but the conceptual idea came from the Bush Administration. In-fact the first initial program had suspects for prosecution and further led to more suspects later on but tragically the case with Brian Terry happened. The "Right's" claimed of having President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder resign is ridiculous. Remember, the conservative rhetoric you currently have with our State of Texas elected officials stake claim on this very issue! The security of our state, which the Justice Department and the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms(ATF) was trying to do with the program.


Darrell, this is not just about the program either. It's also about obstruction of justice. Congress has a right to investigate this matter if it sees fit. Holder and Obama have done everything in their power (and arguably beyond that) to keep Congress from getting those documents. If it's all the Bush administration's fault, then why the secrecy? After all, we all know how much Obama loves to blame Bush for everything.

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