The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to go through rough times. Many lost their jobs and struggling to find one now.

In addition, many businesses have suffered greatly and will see the effects of this pandemic years from now. However, there are a few businesses out there, that have actually picked up their sales or overall earnings. 

Such businesses will be transitioning back to a non-pandemic environment likely in the next year or two when vaccines become available widespread. 

It begs the question: will they keep their business and sales or will they plummet at the first indication that the pandemic is finally over?

It is important to note the types of companies a business that managed to thrive in the past year. An obvious field that has benefitted tremendously is the food delivery business. 

Apps like DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber Eats, gained huge amounts of both customers and drivers ever since restaurants shut down back in March. Even as many restaurants will soon open up to larger and larger capacities, these delivery apps are holding strong.

Meanwhile, a titan of the retail industry is Amazon. It is a large force to be reckoned with before the pandemic. 

As stores closed, people began to only buy from Amazon. 

Another field that has grown enormous is the video conferencing software, known as Zoom. As we all know, as students, it has become widespread practice to hold lectures, office hours and even tests on Zoom. 

All of these software, apps and businesses have one thing in common; they all allow the customer or user to access their wares, goods or services remotely. 

This is the pretense that has allowed business to flourish in a state where in some cases, they might almost have a monopoly on the business. 

Now will these business booms continue post COVID-19? It really is a case by case scenario, but generally speaking, businesses like Amazon and DoorDash that already had a base of customers/users before COVID will likely continue to thrive without slowing down very much at all. 

The pandemic has brought them many new customers, and it’s likely many of them will stay. 

Meanwhile, it would be a safe guess that services like Zoom, that got their biggest boost of their lifespan during the pandemic, would likely dwindle once there is no longer a need for them. 

However, there might be hope, as many of these services have brought unfamiliar consumers to become familiar with their service or goods.

 An example of this is people likely using Zoom instead of competition, like Skype, when such a service is needed. 

These times have proven to be some of the hardest economic challenges of this generation, and it is putting our work ethic and patience to the test. 

While many of us were laid off or let go, there were some lucky corporations that actually benefited.

It is very possible these lucky businesses will shortly disappear post-pandemic and be seen as nothing more than a fad of a different time. 

But just as they business adapted and adjusted to the pandemic; they may do the same once we return to normalcy. 

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