Day two of impeachment trial

The day was dedicated to the House managers arguing their case and presenting their evidence against the former President. 

Through eight hours of debate, some key takeaways from the House managers argument was the timeline. The House managers expanded on their opening statements from yesterday by going into greater detail of the timeline they presented, walking the senators minute by minute of the day.

They used graphics to show where the senators and representatives where located and what they where doing while the rioters entered the Capitol building. They also showed unreleased security camera footage from within the Capitol and unreleased audio from Capitol security the day of the attack.

Some key evidence that was presented was security footage of former Vice President Mike Pence and his family being evacuated from the the chamber. The House managers showed how close the rioters were to finding the former vice president.

The House managers showed the same thing with other key political figures such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was evacuated from the complex completely. Senator Mitt Romney was saved by Officer Eugene Goodman, and now Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had a near encounter with the rioters.

At the end, Senator Mike Lee objected to the House managers mischaracterized his words during a phone call made to him from Trump on Jan. 6. However, the phone call was intended for Senator Tommy Tuberville, former Texas Tech football coach, to convince the senator to delay the counting of the electorate votes.

This sudden objection sent the Senate and both party's leaderships into chaos as they were trying to clarify the objection. In the end, a motion was passed to table the objection until the next day and for the the senate adjourn until 11 a.m. CT Thursday.


I truly think that the House managers have made a compelling argument. From the overwhelming amount of evidence they have provide to how they did not shy away from evoking certain emotions, the defense lawyers have their work cut out for them.

I truly hope that the senators who sat in the chamber felt uncomfortable and uneasy by the videos they were presented today. Seeing the former vice president being rushed out of the chamber was a startling sight, and it evoked a sick feeling within me. 

I should not have to witness our former vice president being hauled out of the halls of democracy because American citizens are endangering his safety.

However, I can say that the hardest part for me to see was when a Capitol officer discharged his firearm and fatally injured a female rioter. This struck a nerve for me. There should not, under any circumstances, have been five deaths in the halls of democracy.

To sum up everything that has been stated in my opinions so far, do I think the House managers have a strong case? Yes. Do if think some senators maybe rethinking about their positions in this case? I hope so. Will the former president be indicted? No.

This in not an ordinary court, this is one that runs on emotions and public opinion.

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