Board of Regent member Dustin Womble makes a speech at the opening ceremony for the building named for him.

On Friday, Oct. 8, Texas Tech Athletics announced a $20 million donation to build a new football training facility from Regent Dustin Womble from the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.

Kirby Hocutt, director of Tech Athletics, said collegiate athletics is ever-changing, but Tech will strive to be the gold standard in the world of athletics.

“We have proven, you have proven, the Red Raider Nation, we're going to provide our student-athletes with the very best facilities,” Hocutt said. “The very best support, the very best attendance in the nation.”

The new facility, Hocutt said, will begin construction in early 2022 and be completed prior to the 2023 football season.

Hocutt said the current facility will be demolished and will cost around $40-50 million and be the best in the nation. He said the new facility will be a state-of-the-art two-story facility with several new amenities.

“Dustin R. Womble Football Center will include one of the nation's largest screening conditioning facilities, state-of-the-art sports medicine center, a state-of-the-art nutrition center team locker room,” Hocutt said.

Womble, Hocutt said, is the largest benefactor to Tech Athletics.

President Lawrence Schovanec said this gift from Regent Womble is a historic gift to the university. 

“Today, we celebrate a gift (that) adds in a significant way to the world-class athletic facilities that we already have at Texas Tech and advances the future of Texas Tech football,” he said. 

Schovanec said Womble and his wife have already made contributions to the Rawls College of Business Administration, J.T. & Margaret Talkington School of Visual Performing Arts and the Whitacre College of Engineering. 

“My love for this school is much like my love for the kids,” Womble said. “It's unconditional, I love this place. I love what it represents, I love the opportunity that it provides for young people to be educated here to learn life lessons.” 

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